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How to Clean Whiteheads

How to Clean Whiteheads How to Clean Whiteheads How to Clean Whiteheads


Whiteheads, also referred to as closed comedones, result when facial oil or sebum lies trapped below the surface of the skin. These small white bumps are a form of acne, according to the University of Michigan. Care of whiteheads often requires the use of a topical medication in conjunction with proper cleaning techniques, which help bring the oils to the surface of your skin. Once at the surface, acne cleansers wash away the oil and any bacteria present on your skin, which if left on the skin can worsen acne symptoms.

Step 1

Wash your skin in the morning and before you go to bed at night using a mild cleanser. A mild cleanser won't contain heavy perfumes or strong chemical abrasives. Choose a soap specifically designed for use on sensitive skin.

Step 2

Cleanse your whiteheads with sanitized fingertips to avoid making your acne problem worse. Wash your hands using warm water and an antibacterial soap before touching the area that contains the whiteheads.

Step 3

Rinse your whiteheads with warm water. Apply the mild cleanser to your wet skin using your clean fingertips. Rotate your fingertips in a circular motion, massaging the cleanser into your whiteheads, while creating a lather.

Step 4

Rinse away the mild cleanser using a cool water rinse to close your pores. Pat your skin dry with a clean, absorbent bath towel. Avoid rubbing your skin with the towel as you dry. Rubbing irritates the skin causing redness and discomfort.

Step 5

Apply a topical treatment that contains either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to your whiteheads after cleansing. Such topical treatments are available in your supermarket or grocery store and will help to control further whitehead eruptions.

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