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How to Care for Skin Around the Eyes

How to Care for Skin Around the Eyes How to Care for Skin Around the Eyes


The skin around the eyes is a very sensitive area that needs to be cared for carefully. Sun and the aging process are extremely hard on this area of the face, so you need to protect the skin around the eyes to keep it from aging prematurely. The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, so you must take extra special care of that area. The key to caring for the skin around the eyes is a combination of protection, prevention and cleanliness.

Step 1

Keep out of the sun. The sun can cause major damage to the skin around your eyes. Lots of exposure to the sun causes wrinkles, freckles, age spots and, of course, those crow's-feet around the corners of you eyes. To care for your skin around your eyes, always wear sunglasses outside. Use sunscreen with an SPF above 15. You can find many face lotions that also contain sunscreen.

Step 2

Avoid smoking. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester says smoker's skin ages must faster than for those who do not smoke. It says smoking narrows the blood vessels in the outer layer of your skin, which decreases your blood flow. Smoking drains your skin of oxygen and vitamin A, which is important to young, healthy skin. The Mayo Clinic also says the facial expressions you use when you smoke, such as pursing your lips and squinting your eyes, may add wrinkles to the skin around your eyes.

Step 3

Be careful with your skin. Too much washing and rubbing can damage the skin around your eyes. Try not to take long showers or baths, as the hot water sucks the oil right from your skin. Use lukewarm water, not scalding hot water. When you dry your face, carefully pat the areas around your eyes. When you harshly rub the towel around the eyes, you rub off all the moisture in your skin. Make sure you use moisturizer. You need to replenish your skin with moisturizer after a face wash or shower. The skin around the eyes has fewer oil glands than other parts of the body, which means it gets dry much faster. If left dry, the skin around your eyes will get thinner, flake and wrinkle. Buy a lotion that is right for your skin type and makes your skin feel smooth and soft.

Step 4

Don't get stressed. Long, extended periods of stress can make your skin sensitive to acne and red blotches. It may be hard, but try to relax and not get worked up. Stress will bring on wrinkles around your eyes much faster than you want.

Step 5

Drink water. Make sure you keep your skin hydrated, which will help the skin around the eyes keep a soft, supple look. Drink eight 8-oz. glasses per day.

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