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How to Care for a Skin Growth Under an Eye

How to Care for a Skin Growth Under an Eye How to Care for a Skin Growth Under an Eye How to Care for a Skin Growth Under an Eye


Skin growths can occur anywhere on your body for any number of reasons. A growth of any kind underneath your eye can be troubling, depending how close to the eye it is. Reasons for a growth to appear under your eye could include a sty, a skin tag, cyst, allergic reaction or something more serious, such as skin cancer. Caring for a growth will depend largely on what the growth is and how it may affect your overall health. Consult your physician if you feel the growth may be more than just a superficial mark.

Step 1

Inspect the growth to help determine your course of action. Contact your doctor if you are in pain or if you see any pus or discharge.

Step 2

Look to see if it is on your eyelid, in which case it is likely a sty. A sty resembles a pimple and may cause pain and swelling, or rub against your eyeball when you blink.

Step 3

Place a hot, moist cloth over the your eye for 10 or 15 minutes, several times per day if you have determined the growth is a sty, says the All About Vision website.

Step 4

Clean the area of the growth regularly and watch for changes, says Medline Plus. Contact your doctor if it continues to grow or doesn't show signs of leaving after a week or two.

Step 5

Contact your doctor if the growth is a skin tag and you want it removed. Skin tags are harmless, hanging pieces of skin that some people want removed for cosmetic reasons.

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