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How to Buy Products With Kojic Acid

How to Buy Products With Kojic Acid How to Buy Products With Kojic Acid How to Buy Products With Kojic Acid


Kojic acid is a natural plant-derived substance from berries and/or certain fungi that can help to lighten skin from over-exposure to the sun's UV rays or from skin pigment disorders. According to Dr. Gary Goldfaden, kojic acid has been found to be beneficial in lightening the skin and evening coloration. Kojic acid products are not readily available, but you can always check with your local drug store or health retailer, if you prefer that to ordering online. Ordering products containing kojic acid can be very confusing due to the sheer volume of products offered on the internet.

Step 1

Purchase products containing kojic acid at a local health food store, or from a quality online retailer. Examples of such reputable retailers include,,,, and/or

Step 2

Search online for a kojic acid product from a quality skin care brand such as Devita, Reviva, Menscience, Lancome, or Dr. Michelle Copeland.

Step 3

Select a kojic acid product that fits with your skin care needs and goals. Some products containing pure kojic acid can cost over $100, while others are under ten dollars. Keep in mind that kojic acid is used as a skin bleaching agent, so be sure to match the strength of the product with your needs.

Step 4

Order your product using a credit card from an online retailer that you trust.

Step 5

Avoid fad or "miracle" products with high price tags and marketing claims that seem "too good to be true". Often these retailers offer a free product, triggering recurring charges on your credit card that may be difficult or impossible to refund. Check with the Better Business Bureau if you have any doubts about a company or retailer.

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