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How to Apply Compressions to Reduce Large Pores

How to Apply Compressions to Reduce Large Pores How to Apply Compressions to Reduce Large Pores


Applying cold compressions to the skin on your face can help contract large pores that can mar the look of smooth and even skin. Compressions are made fairly easily from natural ingredients and materials that you most likely already have in your home. Prepare your skin for the compression by using steam to gently open and cleanse the pores to get them ready to be shrunk as far as they possibly can.

Step 1

Prepare your skin by gently steaming it. Pour boiled water into a shallow bowl or pan. Put your head over the bowl and drape a towel over your head to create a steam tent so that your face is saturated with steam. Steam for five minutes, which will allow your pores to open and sweat out any impurities.

Step 2

Mix your compress by combining a cup of cold, plain yogurt with a peeled, pitted and chilled avocado. Blend well until you create a smooth mixture. Remember that the colder the ingredients, the more your pores will contract against the cold. The mixture should be the thick consistency of sour cream.

Step 3

Use your hands or a small spoon to apply the compress to your face. If your skin is sensitive, pour the mixture onto a piece of muslin before applying it to your face, much like you would an ice pack.

Step 4

Leave the compression on your face for up to 20 minutes. Your pores will open up and absorb the yogurt and avocado, giving your skin natural moisture, while the cold from the ingredients will shrink your pores, making them look smaller overall.

Step 5

Rinse the compression away with the coldest water possible.

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