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How Does Murad Acne Complex Work?

How Does Murad Acne Complex Work?

How It Works

Murad Acne Complex is a revolutionary new skin care system that incorporates a new approach to acne prevention. There are many other products similar to Murad's three step acne care system, but it differs in one important way. Murad Acne Complex does not use benzoyl peroxide. While this component of acne medications is effective in treating acne, it can also be very irritating to the skin. People with sensitive skin can experience flaking and very dry skin when using benzoyl peroxide. Murad Acne Complex offers a simple and effective three step process that offers an alternative to this harsh chemical.

Clarifying Cleanser

The three steps of the Murad Acne Complex system are designed to clean, treat, and provide hydration to acne inflicted skin. The first product used in the three step process is the Clarifying Cleanser. The goal of this product is to kill 99.9 percent of all the harmful bacteria on the face. It provides a method of deep cleaning without causing the irritation associated with benzoyl peroxide. The active ingredient it uses instead is salicylic acid. This eliminates 99 percent of the bacteria on the surface of the skin in less than 60 seconds. Not only does this ingredient cleanse the skin, but it also helps prevent the onset of future breakouts. If the user finds that her skin is still irritated, the additional green tea extract and menthol can help calm, soothe, and combat the effects of salicylic acid.

Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel

The next product step is the Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel. This helps heal any blemishes on user's skin while at the same time preventing new breakouts from appearing. It cleanses the pores deep down, eliminating the dead skin cell buildup on the surface that contributes to causing the clogging of pores. It also soothes any irritation that may have been experienced in the previous step. It uses retinol and glycolic acid to exfoliate dead skin on the face.

Skin Perfecting Lotion

The last step in the Murad Acne Complex System is the Skin Perfecting Lotion. This oil-free hydrator helps to calm and soothe any irritation that may have been experienced through this entire process. It manages to do this without clogging more pores by including harmful oils or inert chemicals. It keeps the skin moisturized between treatment sessions, softening the look and feel of the treated skin. The ingredients queen of meadow extract and retinol prevent excessive oil production while also decreasing the size of pores. The ingredient arnica also helps in soothing the skin, leaving the user feeling clean and refreshed without being dried out.

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