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How Do I Microwave a Red Skinned Potato?

How Do I Microwave a Red Skinned Potato? How Do I Microwave a Red Skinned Potato?


A red-skinned potato brings a festive touch of color to your dinner plate. Rich in vitamins, potassium, iron and fiber, the potato can be microwaved in minutes for a fast, nutritious side dish. Lower in starch than the classic russet baked potato, a red potato has a waxy flesh, thin skin, and holds its shape when you cook it in a microwave oven. You'll find freshly-picked red potatoes at farmers markets starting in midsummer, or larger, more mature red-skinned potatoes in grocery stores year-round.

Step 1

Rub the red-skinned potato with your hands under running water to rinse away dust and residue. If the potato has soil crusted on it, scrub it gently with a vegetable brush to loosen the dirt without rubbing away portions of the red skin.

Step 2

Remove blemishes, such as bruises, cuts from potato-harvesting equipment and dark spots. Trim the blemishes with a sharp paring knife, preserving as much of the red skin as possible.

Step 3

Pierce the potato's skin with a fork to allow the release of steam during the microwaving process. Insert the fork's tines 1/4 inch into the potato in three to five spots around its surface.

Step 4

Set the potato on a microwave-safe dish and cover it tightly with plastic wrap.

Step 5

Microwave a small red-skinned potato on the oven's high setting for three minutes. For a larger potato, microwave it on high for four to five minutes.

Step 6

Allow the potato to sit undisturbed for two minutes. Lift a side of the plastic wrap and insert the tip of a sharp knife into the potato's center to check if it's done. If the knife slides in and out easily, and the potato feels soft all the way through, it's ready to eat.

Step 7

Pull the plastic wrap back over the dish if the potato is still hard in the center. Microwave the potato on high for a minute, let it sit for two minutes and test it again with a sharp knife. Repeat the microwaving, sitting and testing process until the potato is soft all the way through and to prevent the red skin from puckering due to overcooking.

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