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Homemade Acne Remover

Homemade Acne Remover Homemade Acne Remover


Acne is a skin condition caused by a blockage of the pores. This most commonly occurs when the sebaceous glands produce too much of a natural oil called sebum. Acne is most likely to occur during adolescence, when sebum production is at its highest level. The blockage can cause your pores to swell into inflamed pustules, which may eventually rupture to form open lesions. You can try to control breakouts with homemade chemical peels, astringents and disinfectants. You should always wash your acne with a mild soap and water before performing any acne treatments. Limit your cleansing to twice a day, as excessive washing can dry out your skin.

Step 1

Make a chemical peel at home. Spread pure honey over your acne in a very thin layer. Allow the honey to dry and remove it with soap and warm water. Pat the acne dry with a clean towel. This treatment can remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, which can contribute to pore blockage. Use manuka honey, if possible. This type of honey is made from the flowers of the manuka bush, which is indigenous to New Zealand. These flowers give the honey its high antibacterial properties.

Step 2

Dab a natural astringent on oily skin. Dilute one part pure tea tree oil with 19 parts water and mix thoroughly. This will give you a 5 percent solution of tea tree oil. Apply this solution sparingly to only the oily parts of your skin. Since tea tree oil kills bacteria, applying this solution to acne lesions may kill the skin-dwelling bacteria that causes acne. Use tea tree oil with caution, as it can cause inflammation if it dries out your skin too much.

Step 3

Apply a natural disinfectant on your acne. Remove the peel from a small clove of garlic and cut the clove in half with a knife. Hold the exposed end of one of the pieces to your acne for a maximum of 10 minutes. Garlic works to eliminate acne because it contains active sulphur and is an effective antibiotic. However, use garlic with caution, as it can be highly irritating to your skin if you leave it on too long.

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