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Home Remedy for White Heads

Home Remedy for White Heads Home Remedy for White Heads Home Remedy for White Heads


We have all been faced with an unsightly white head. Not only are they not a pretty sight, they can be quite painful. Home remedies can be affordable and less complicated solutions to preventing and eliminating white heads. Some home remedies are fast-acting while others may take longer.

These treatments have not been proven to cure whiteheads, acne, or blackheads and they should not replace a consultation with a dermatologist.


Toothpaste is one of the most common home remedies in treating whiteheads. This treatment can be used on both mild acne and severe acne. A helpful hint for picking out the best toothpaste is to choose one that's low in flouride. Prior to putting the toothpaste on the affected area, you should wash your face with a mild soap to remove any dirt that might further irritate the area. Then just squeeze a tiny amount of toothpaste on your finger and apply it to the area of concern. It is recommended to leave the toothpaste on overnight or for a prolonged amount of time.

Rubbing Alcohol

As soon as you feel a whitehead coming on, this treatment can be applied to the area. First begin by washing your face and be sure to take off all of your makeup. Makeup can be oily and cause outbreaks to worsen. Use a cotton ball or Q-tip to dip in the alcohol and apply to the whitehead. Overuse of rubbing alcohol can cause skin to dry out, so use with caution.


Tomatoes can be an effective way to treat ace at home. Tomatoes contain acid which can deep clean the affected area. In addition, they can also be used to prevent acne. Additionally, tomatoes also contain an antioxidant called lycopene, which can rid your face of acne. The tomatoes can eaten, drunk as a juice or used as a mask on your face.


Lemons are another widely known home remedy to rid your face of acne. Like all remedies, be sure to wash your face first. Then use you can either dab lemon juice onto your face with your finger or a cotton ball. The lemon juice should be left on overnight. In the morning, wash your face with cold water. This usually takes about two weeks worth of treatments to improve your complexion.

Green Tea

Drinking green tea, which contains antioxidants, is another home remedy for white heads. Green tea also contains antibacterial agents, one of which is known to kill the germs that cause acne.

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