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Holistic Treatments for Vaginal Candida

Holistic Treatments for Vaginal Candida Holistic Treatments for Vaginal Candida Holistic Treatments for Vaginal Candida

Candida albicans is the most common organism in vaginal candida and the second most common cause of all vaginal infections. Candida is considered a normal healthy part of the vaginal flora. The problem arises when diet, lifestyle or infectious agents cause an overgrowth of candida. This imblance can cause itching, burning, inflammation and a cottage cheese-like discharge. Holistic treatment, including nutrition, supplementation and botanical medicine, can rebalance the vaginal immune system and restore the body back to health.


Proper nutrition enhances overall immunity and can maintain proper vaginal pH to prevent candida overgrowth. A diet low in sugar, simple carbohydrates and alcohol is optimal for candida prevention. Nourish your system with whole foods like grains, nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens, hearty vegetables, and lean proteins. Daily intake of probiotics such as unsweetened Lactobacillus acidophilus yogurt can also assist in rebalancing the vaginal flora. Lactobacillus acidophilus is a healthy bacteria present in the body that releases lactic acid. The lactic acid can help maintain vaginal and gastric pH, which can inhibit improper candida growth.


Vaginal suppositories are the best supplements for vaginal candida. They can be used to directly to transport vitamins, nutrients, antimicrobials into the tissues and to soothe the irritated mucus membranes on contact.

The lactic acid metabolite from L. acidophilus can help restore and maintain proper vaginal pH when used as a suppository. It has also been shown to prevent bad bacteria from binding and colonizing in the vaginal mucosa. Lactobacillus can also be taken orally in pill form during acute and chronic vaginitis as well as preventatively on a daily basis.

Vitamin E suppositories can reduce irritation and decrease the discomfort of burning and itching. Vitamin E oil can be applied topically to relieve inflammation of the external genitalia. Vitamin A suppositories can enhance the immune function of the epithelial cells that make up the lining of the vaginal wall. Vitamin A can be taken orally as well as in the form of a vaginal suppository.


Botanical medicine can provide immune support and inhibit growth of candida. Garlic extract, as well as fresh garlic, contains allicin, which can stop candida replication. Eat a fresh clove of garlic daily or in capsule form for prevention. Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) contains berberine, which stimulates the immune system and acts as an antibacterial agent. Goldenseal can be taken orally in capsules, teas or tinctures. Echinacea is also a powerful immune stimulant and antimicrobial that has been shown to effectively decrease recurrence of vaginal candida.

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