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Holistic Skin Therapy

Holistic Skin Therapy Holistic Skin Therapy


The demand for holistic alternatives for facial care is on the rise due to the desire to prevent delivering further toxins to our personal environments. With the knowledge that 99 percent of all skin care products have not been evaluated for safety by any publicly accountable institution, and the fact that at least 74 percent of modern skin care products contain carcinogenic toxins, it makes sense for conscientious people to want more holistically based skin regimes containing ingredients they know to be safe. Our skin is the largest organ in the body; anything put on it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Nourishment that benefits the dermal layers of skin as well as the rest of our bodies is an ideal situation for ultimate health-giving treatments.

Nourishing Exfoliate Scrub

Using the power and bounty of nature, you can make your own gentle facial exfoliate scrub with a few ingredients from the kitchen and garden. To 1 cup organic barley flakes and 1/2 cup organic oatmeal flakes add 1/4 cup almonds, 1/2 cup rose petals, 1/4 lavender buds and 1/4 cup calendula blossoms. Puree in a food processor till finely ground and add 10 drops lavender essential oil, 15 drops chamomile essential oil and 8 drops rosemary essential oil. Store this mixture in a glass jar with a secure lid. Use the mixture two times a week by adding 1 tsp. honey and enough warm water to make a paste to 1 tbsp mixture. Apply to freshly washed skin in a circular motion. Leave the paste on for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse well with warm water. Products that exfoliate should not be used on active acne flair-ups or stressed skin, as they can exacerbate inflammation.

Dry Skin Remedy

For dry or mature skin, melt a blend of 1 part shea butter, 1 part cocoa butter and 1/8 parts vitamin E oil over low heat. For a more solid consistency, add solid beeswax as needed. Add 5 to 10 drops rose essential oil to the melted blend and mix well. Store in an airtight jar and allow to cool in the refrigerator. Apply to dry skin as needed. Always test your skin for possible allergic reactions and substitute as needed.

Holistic Milk and Honey Bath

Treat your entire body to the nourishing qualities of milk and honey. Puree 2 cups whole milk with 3 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp sweet almond oil and 8 drops chamomile essential oil. Add to warm bath water for a soothing, skin replenishing soak. People with nut allergies should replace the use of almond oil with extra virgin olive oil or another oil of their choice.

Acne Attack the All Natural Way

Combine 1/4 cup honey with 14 drops tea tree essential oil and 1 clove crushed garlic. Apply to inflamed areas of acne and allow to sit for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Apply 1 drop pure tea tree essential oil to blemish as needed to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Keep honey products away from children under the age of 2 years to prevent botulism poisoning and death.

Skin-Balancing Lavender Oil

Encourage healthy skin with an application of skin-balancing lavender oil. This oil teaches skin to relax overactive sebaceous glands, evening out skin tone and reducing blemish flare-ups. To 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil add 1/4 cup sweet almond oil infused with calendula flowers or 15 drops calendula essential oil, 1/4 cup grape-seed oil,1 tsp. vitamin E oil and 20 drops lavender essential oil. Mix well and store in a glass container. Apply 3 drops to freshly washed facial skin twice a day. Always keep essential oils away from pets and children, as they can be toxic when ingested.

Far Infrared Heat

Treat your skin to the antimicrobial effects of far infrared heating, which promotes youthful skin tone and elasticity without the damaging effects of the sun. Many saunas and hot yoga studios employ the use of far infrared heat with much acclaim to their healthful benefits from skin throughout internal body tissues.

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