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Holistic Remedies for Acne Prone Skin

Holistic Remedies for Acne Prone Skin Holistic Remedies for Acne Prone Skin Holistic Remedies for Acne Prone Skin

According to the Mayo Clinic, acne appears most often on areas of skin with the most functional oil glands including the face, neck, chest, shoulders and back. Overproduction of oil in the skin, irregular shedding of dead skin cells and a buildup of bacteria are all factors that contribute to the formation of acne from blackheads to severe cysts. Holistic remedies can be of use in the treatment of acne. They should not be considered a substitute, however, for care by a physician.

Gentle Cleanser

All acne treatments and treatment systems begin with daily skincare basics. This starts with gently cleansing the skin no more than twice per day. Irritating the skin can cause acne flare-ups, and washing any more than twice per day can irritate the skin as can scrubbers, washcloths and rubbing the skin dry instead of patting it. For a holistic approach, Dr. Andrew Weil recommends using a glycerin-based soap to provide a mild cleanse. You can even make your own glycerin soap at home. When looking at glycerin soap types or glycerin soap recipes, look for ones containing herbs and ingredients known to aid in acne treatment.

Tea Tree Oil

According to the Mayo Clinic, scientists have proven what holistic practitioners have known for ages: that tea tree oil is effective in the treatment of acne. In fact, it was proven that 5 percent tea tree oil is just as effective as benzoyl peroxide. Tea tree oil can be added to lotions and creams as an effective holistic remedy to kill the bacteria causing the acne infection. It can also be diluted with water and swiped over the face as a toner.

Herbal Remedies

Cumin seeds ground and made into a paste are used to treat acne in the form of a mask that should be left on for an hour before rinsing off. Neem is one of the most powerful herbal holistic remedies used both as a supplement and topical treatments including a paste made from dried neem and applied as a mask. Lavender oil not only helps to treat acne, but it also provides a great soothing effect to the skin, and lavender compresses can help reduce the inflammation. Try a warm bath with rosemary and nettle. Note that none of these treatments has been scientifically proven to be effective.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the skin, help boost the immune system and provide the skin with essential nutrients to aid in the healing and renewal process. Grated cucumber is not only a wholesome holistic remedy for acne, but it helps to revive the skin when applied as a mask for 30 minutes.

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