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Holistic Acne Treatments

Holistic Acne Treatments

Acne can afflict all ages. It is caused by an abnormal blockage of your pores, according to the Physicians Desktop Reference. There are a plethora of holistic acne treatments you can use to lessen the effects of this skin disorder. Talk to your doctor prior to taking any holistic acne treatment, states the Mayo Clinic.

Get Your Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a skin-healthy nutrient that can be used as a holistic acne treatment, states the Physicians' Desktop Reference. Vitamin A works as an antioxidant in our bodies and helps to keep our skin healthy, according to the National Institutes of Health. Acne results from sebum clotting your pores. Vitamin A reduces the production of sebum, states Start taking vitamin A supplements, use vitamin A cream or eat foods rich in the nutrient to help your acne. Your recommended dosage of vitamin A depends upon your age, states the National Institutes of Health. The best way to get share of this nutrient is by eating a well-balanced diet that contains a variety of foods. Get your vitamin A by eating animal-based sources such as organ meats, fish, eggs, dairy products or meat. Or, you can get a form of vitamin A known as beta-carotene which is found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Foods include winter squashes, cantaloupe, pink grapefruit, pumpkin, carrots, sweet peppers, broccoli, spinach and other leafy vegetables.

Brewer's Yeast

Brewer's yeast may provide you with a holistic acne treatment, according to the Mayo Clinic. The yeast is used as a dietary supplement due to its rich content of B-complex vitamins, protein and essential amino acids. This yeast also contains high levels of chromium, states the Physicians' Desktop Reference. Your dosage of brewer's yeast will depend upon the severity of your acne and the strength of the yeast. You may be allergic to brewer's yeast. Find brewer's yeast in the nutritional supplements section of your local store. Consult with your doctor if you experience chest pain, breathing problems or changes in your skin including rash, swelling or hives.

Get Your Zinc

Zinc is a trace mineral that can help your acne. This mineral plays a major role in wound healing and reducing skin inflammation, states the National Institutes of Health. The Mayo Clinic lists it as one of the alternative treatments available for treating acne. Start getting your zinc by taking multi-mineral or food supplements containing the mineral. There also are a variety of skin-care products that contain zinc as the active ingredient. Read the product ingredients to be certain. Another option involves eating zinc-rich foods. Zinc is found in foods contain high protein levels. The highest concentration is found in pork, lamb and beef. Lesser amounts are found in fish, dark meat of poultry and plant-based sources. Plant-based sources include peanuts, peanut butter and legumes. Legumes, otherwise known as beans, include lentils, split peas and other beans.


Guggul is an herb used to treat acne, states the Physicians' Desktop Reference and the Mayo Clinic. This herb is also used to lower cholesterol, help with weight loss and lower triglycerides levels. Your dosage depends on the severity of your acne and the herb's strength. Do not take guggul if you are taking blood thinners or medications for headaches or high blood pressure.

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