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Holistic Acne Remedies

Holistic Acne Remedies Holistic Acne Remedies

Acne is a skin condition that can be influenced by heredity, hormonal imbalances and menstrual cycles. Holistic acne remedies include herbal mixtures, the use of nutritional supplements and changes in diet.

Herbal Remedies

Acne is often the result of the body's inability to digest and cleanse blood of toxins. The liver plays a large role in this process. Therefore, aiding in cleansing the liver can have a large impact on the health of the skin.

Burdock root and dandelion leaves both help cleanse the liver. These two herbs also contain inulin, which can improve skin quality by removing bacteria. Both herbs can be taken in a supplement form or steeped as teas.

Steaming the facial area can also reduce acne breakouts by opening and unclogging pores. Boil two quarts of water and mix in germ-killing herbs such as lavender and strawberry leaves. Place the water and herb mixture on a table and sit a comfortable distance away with your face hovering over the the hot water. You may use a towel and drape it over your head and the bowl to trap the steam. After fifteen minutes, splash your face with cold water (to close your pores) and allow your face to air dry. (If acne is severe, do not use steam treatments, as this may worsen the condition.)

Herbal clay masks may also help prevent the out break of acne. Mix 1 tsp. of green clay powder together with 1 tsp. of raw honey and apply the blend to your face avoiding the eye area. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

If blemishes are a problem, try dabbing tree tea oil on the affected areas three times per day. Tea tree oil is antibiotic and antiseptic and may reduce redness.

Please note that some herbs can interfere with medications or underlying medical conditions. It is always best to speak with your doctor before adding herbs to your diet.

Diet Alterations

In order to help acne, the majority of a diet should consist of raw foods. This allows the body to rid itself of toxins that have accumulated from the consumption of processed foods. Raw fruits and vegetables also add lots of fiber to the diet. Fiber keeps the colon clean and aids in ridding the body of toxins.

Many people have unknown allergic reactions to dairy products. Dairy products contain lots of fats and often large amounts of hormones and steroids that can result in a hormone imbalance within the body. Consider talking with your doctor about going off dairy or limiting it.

Make sure you eat a balanced diet, and if you choose to eat raw, keep protein in your diet with legumes, seeds and nuts.

Nutritional Supplements

Acne can also result from nutrient deficiencies within the body. Low potassium levels have been linked to increased break outs of acne. Taking at least 99 mg of potassium daily may reduce the occurrence of acne breakouts.

Consuming a B complex vitamin that contains at least 100 mg of each major B vitamin will increase blood flow, decrease stress and improve the health of skin.

Vitamin C reduces inflammation and is needed for skin repair. Take 1,000 to 1,600 mg two to three times per day.

Vitamin D3 also promotes the healing of skin tissue. Supplement 400 IU of vitamin D3 daily.

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