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High Glycemic Foods & Acne

High Glycemic Foods & Acne High Glycemic Foods & Acne High Glycemic Foods & Acne


If you are prone to acne, limiting your consumption of high glycemic index foods can help you decrease pimples. The glycemic index, or GI, is used to classify the blood sugar response after eating carbohydrate-containing foods. A low GI is defined by a value of 55 or below and a high GI corresponds to a value of 70 and above. Foods with a high GI cause your blood sugar levels to spike and also result in high levels of insulin, which are associated with a cascade of reactions leading to acne pathogenesis.

Breakfast Cereals

Many Americans start their day with a bowl of cereal. However, most breakfast cereals are highly processed, and no matter whether they contain added sugar or not, their GI tend to be high. For example, cornflakes have a GI of 81; puffed wheat, a GI of 74; cream of wheat, a GI of 74; chocolate-flavored cereals, a GI of 77; oat rings, a GI of 74; and puffed rice, a GI of 82. Avoid these breakfast cereals to avoid acne breakouts. Instead, choose low GI breakfast cereals, such as those based on oats, barley or bran.


The favorite starchy vegetable in the American diet is potatoes, which contributes to increasing the dietary GI. For example, a baked potato has a GI of 85, mashed potatoes have a GI of 74 and french fries have a GI of 75. Reduce your potato intake and your skin texture will improve.

Refined Grains

By stripping grains from their husk and fiber, refined grains become quickly digestible, resulting in a quick rise in your blood sugar and insulin levels. Refined grains include white bread with a GI of 70 to 73, instant white rice with a GI of 87, soda crackers with a GI of 74, donuts with a GI of 76 and scones with a GI of 92.


Most fruits have low to moderate GI values, with the exception of dates. This fruit has a GI of 103, which will make your blood sugar levels peak and result in the release of a large amount of insulin, promoting acne and other health problems. Avoid them to keep acne away.

Snack Foods

Many snacks foods are highly processed and have a high GI. For example, pretzels have a GI of 83, rice cakes have a GI fo 87, popcorn has a GI of 72 and fruit roll products have a GI of 99.

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