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Herbs for Acne & Pimples

Herbs for Acne & Pimples Herbs for Acne & Pimples

Pimples, pustules, whiteheads, blackheads and boils affect over 60 million adults and children in the United States. While hundreds of prescription and over-the counter preparations are available to treat acne, only 30 percent of sufferers purchase over-the-counter medications, and just 11 percent visit a physician for the condition, according to the Acne Resource Center. Compared to prescribed pharmaceuticals and commercial products, herbal remedies claim few side effects, cost less, and offer a safe and effective method to eliminate acne.


Horsetail, a weed found in damp areas, contains a high amount of zinc and silica, which helps promote healing. Compresses made with the weed yield particularly beneficial results for cystic acne, or boils, as stated in the book "Healing Remedies."

You can collect horsetail in early summer, tie large bunches together, hang them and allow them to dry. Prepare a decoction by steeping 1 tsp. of the dried weed in 2 cups of hot water for 30 minutes. Soak a washcloth into the strained decoction, and place the cloth over your blemishes for five to 10 minutes.


Although threatened in the wild, cultivated goldenseal, otherwise known as orangeroot, contains berberine, a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent known to fight infections, according to Dr. Linda B. White, author of "The Herbal Drugstore." In addition, the herb supports digestion and liver function, helping the body eliminate toxins and improving skin.

Goldenseal may be taken internally as a tea or used topically as a facial wash or mask to zap zits. Prepare tea by simmering 1 tsp. of diced goldenseal root in 1 cup of hot water for 10 minutes. Strain, and drink the tea before each meal. You can use the same recipe as a wash. Cool, and soak a washcloth in the tea and apply it as a compress onto your blemishes. Equally as effective for acne, make a mask by combining 1 tsp. of powdered goldenseal, 1 tsp. of water and five drops of lavender oil. Dab the mask onto your pimples, and allow it to dry for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Oregon Grape

Oregon grape root boasts similar qualities to goldenseal, and is often used as a substitute for the environmentally threatened goldenseal. Like its sister herb, Oregon grape root contains berberine and acts as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, according to Dab the herb's liquid extract directly onto the skin as a topical acne application. Alternatively, make a face wash by mixing 2 tsp. of dried, chopped goldenseal root into 2 cups of water. Simmer for 10 minutes, and then saturate a washcloth into the strained liquid. Apply the washcloth to your face for 10 minutes as a compress.

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