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Herbal Vitamin Remedies for Acne

Herbal Vitamin Remedies for Acne Herbal Vitamin Remedies for Acne

The wide selection of acne products makes choosing the right medicinal washes, scrubs and cosmetics complicated. Aggressive approaches, harsh scrubbing and potent topical products can cause more damage and irritation, which can lead to increased acne, according to AcneNet. Alternative options include herbal vitamins, which should always be discussed with a doctor or pharmacist.


Echinacea, a perennial plant that produces brightly colored pink and purple flowers, is a widely used medicinal herb. Teas, extracts, vitamins and external preparations are available at your pharmacy or health food store. Echinacea is often used to help strengthen and support the immune system, fending off colds and illnesses. Similar to the effects of antibiotics, the herb is purported to help decrease acne by reducing acne-causing bacteria on the skin. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, or NCCAM, names echinacea as a treatment for skin wounds and acne.

Golden Seal

Golden seal, an endangered plant due to overharvesting, is a historical herb that was uses by Native Americans to treat a multitude of infections and skin diseases, according to the NCCAM. Topically, the herb is useful for healing wounds and soothing sore gums and canker sores. Capsules, tablets and herbal vitamins, which often include echinacea, are available at health foods stores and pharmacies. Acne sufferers may find golden seal useful for reducing acne due to the herb's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Chasteberry, a centuries-old herbal remedy for menstrual problems, is derived from the fruit of the chaste tree. The dried and ripened fruit of the plant is used to prepare liquid extracts, capsules and tablets. The NCCAM reports that the herb is still used today to relieve menopause symptoms, infertility and acne, though some people experience acne-like rashes as a side effect.


Flaxseed, the seed from the linum usitatissimum plant, is used to make medicine for conditions such as high cholesterol, heart and blood disorders, ADHD and acne, according to MedlinePlus. Flaxseed is high in dietary fiber and essential fatty acids and is therefore beneficial for overall health. However, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use flaxseed due to its hormone-like effects.

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