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Heated Gloves for Dry Hands

Heated Gloves for Dry Hands


Dry skin on your hands can peel and crack, producing painful fissures. According to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, xerosis is the clinical term for dry skin. Left untreated, dry skin is susceptible to bacterial infection that can result in yellow crusting and pus that requires antibiotics. Paraffin treatments can help restore moisture to your skin. Heated gloves placed over the warm wax increase the healing benefits of the paraffin.


Paraffin is a soft, white, odorless wax that bonds to the skin when melted. During a paraffin treatment, the client submerges her hands into a small bath of melted paraffin wax. The paraffin forms a glove around each hand. The client then slips her hands into plastic mitts, followed by heated plastic gloves that keep the paraffin warm during the 30-minute treatment.


Spas use two types of gloves for paraffin treatments. Non-heated gloves aid the plastic in keeping the paraffin warm during treatment and are often included in the price of the treatment. Heated gloves keep the paraffin wax steadily warm, promoting deep penetration of the paraffin oils into the skin. Paraffin treatments that include the application of heated gloves are often pricier than treatments that do not include heated gloves.


The heated gloves used for paraffin treatments do not resemble traditional gloves with slots for your fingers and thumbs. Instead, heated paraffin gloves look more like oblong plastic mittens, minus the thumbs. Electricity provides the heat source, which usually offers three heat settings--low, medium and high. The heated gloves require removal at least 5 minutes prior to removing the paraffin wax. This will allow the paraffin wax time to cool down, which will make removal easier.


Avoid getting heated paraffin gloves wet. Since the gloves run on electricity, water can cause permanent damage to the gloves. Electric shock can also result when the heated gloves come in contact with water. A protective layer of plastic should be between the heated gloves and the paraffin gloves at all times. Wrapping the hands in plastic after dipping them in paraffin wax can prevent the wax from getting on the heated gloves and also prevent the spread of bacterial infections.


Aside from their use as a remedy for dry skin, heated gloves also help relieve the pain associated with arthritis. Whether pain is the result of degenerative breakdown in the cartilage of the hand or debilitating swelling within the joints of the fingers and hand, the heat from the gloves delivers soothing relief. Heated gloves for home use are available from online retailers and pharmacies.

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