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Healthy Diet for Clear Skin

Healthy Diet for Clear Skin Healthy Diet for Clear Skin


If you want healthy-looking skin, the right foods can make a difference. Getting plenty of anti-oxidants, for example, can diminish the the appearance of aging and help keep your skin clear and healthy. "The more healthy foods that you include in your diet, the more it can help your skin," Dr. Susan C. Taylor, a New York dermatologist, says on the website Science Daily.


Eating a diet full of whole grains, dark leafy vegetables and greens, along with plenty of anti-oxidant-rich berries, can help you to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. As an additional benefit, a healthy diet keeps you strong and full of energy.

What to Include

Include legumes, grains and plant oils in your diet. The American Dietetic Association advises getting plenty of the essential vitamins, such as D, E and A, to promote healthy skin. "By including green tea, plenty of water, berries, salmon and other omega-3-rich foods and carrots, you can help the renewal of cell growth under the surface of the skin, the association says. This cell growth will eventually pay off in skin that looks healthy and refreshed.

What to Avoid

Some studies indicate that those with acne can benefit from following a low-glycemic diet. "This suggests that there could be a relationship between limiting carbohydrate-rich foods in acne patients' diets and an improvement in their acne," Dr Taylor says. Meanwhile alcohol appears to be a trigger for some people with rosacea.

Foods that can worsen eczema symptoms include eggs, milk, peanuts, soy, wheat and fish. Chocolate, coffee, alcohol, tomatoes and sugar can also be problematic.

Because foods that are otherwise healthy have the potential to worsen some skin conditions, Dr. Taylor advises keeping a food journal.


Eating the right foods can improve overall skin health, but there is no guarantee. "Factors such as environmental exposures and sun damage can effect the appearance, texture and condition of your skin," Dr. Taylor says.

Importance of Water and Anti-Oxidants

To get a radiant look, drink plenty of water, along with green tea. When you look for foods that you want to eat, try to find the brightest vegetables and fruits, and look for berries that have plenty of anti-oxidants.

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