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Good Ways to Get Rid of Acne Fast

Good Ways to Get Rid of Acne Fast Good Ways to Get Rid of Acne Fast

Getting rid of acne is often thought of as a lengthy and complicated process, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, you can get rid of acne quickly, just by utilizing simple treatment methods. For the most part, getting rid of acne and keeping it gone requires adopting new skin care techniques.


Chemical peels or scrubs can be used to remove the top layer of skin and unclog pores. A scrub should only be massaged into the skin, not vigorously rubbed into it; rubbing can damage your skin, irritate blemishes and cause new blemishes to form. Chemical peels, on the other hand, are made from acid and make the top layer of skin peel off. This can burn or sting, but after several weeks of use, you should notice reduced breakouts.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is available over-the-counter and is one of the fastest ways to get rid of acne. You just dab the cream onto your blemishes after washing your face each night, and the blemishes should be considerably smaller by morning. Benzoyl peroxide can dry out your skin, however, so it's important to follow up with an oil-free moisturizer to prevent peeling.

Oral Medications

Oral medications are one of the fastest ways to clear up acne. Drugs like antibiotics and birth control pills work quickly to kill acne bacteria and reduce oil production, respectively. Drugs like isotretinoin or Accutane are prescribed in only the severest of cases, though they tend to eliminate acne for good. These medications carry serious side effects, however, so be mindful of that before agreeing to any drug treatment option.


Diluted corticosteroids can be injected into your acne blemishes to encourage speedy healing. This treatment is typically reserved for cystic acne. The steroid will dry up the material inside of the nodule and result in a quick-healing acne lesion. It also reduces the chances of scarring.

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