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Getting Rid of Acne Fast

Getting Rid of Acne Fast Getting Rid of Acne Fast


Acne is a common skin condition that occurs when the pores on the skin become clogged with dead skin cells and oil. This blockage causes skin eruptions, such as whiteheads, pimples and blackheads. To prevent acne, wash your face daily to remove sweat and dirt, and avoid skin care products that can clog the pores. While trying to get rid of acne fast, avoid squeezing pimples since this can increase the risk of scarring.

Step 1

Wash the face with a gentle cleanser each morning. The cleanser should not contain any alcohol and should be labeled as fragrance free and non-comedogenic. Non-comedogenic means that it does not block the pores. Avoid scrubbing the face since this can irritate skin. Use lukewarm water to keep from drying out the skin.

Step 2

Use a topical solution that contains benzoyl peroxide. To get rid of acne fast, choose an acne treatment product with a 2.5 percent concentration of benzoyl peroxide. Apply the solution to the affected areas of the skin after washing. Leave the product on the skin and apply any makeup after it has completely dried.

Step 3

Apply a daily lightweight moisturizer with a built-in SPF of 15 or higher, as benzoyl peroxide can dry out skin and also cause sun sensitivity. Choose an oil-free moisturizer labeled non-comodogenic. Active ingredients may include octinoxate and oxybenzone. Apply the moisturizer once a day, in the morning.

Step 4

Remove any makeup and skin care products by washing the face at night with the gentle cleanser. Repeat the application of the benzoyl peroxide treatment product before bed. Using the topical solution twice a day can help clear acne quickly.

Step 5

Avoid any irritants. Keep your hair out of your face, and avoid touching your skin with your fingers and resting phones against the face. These items can make it harder to clear up the skin since they can expose the area to acne-causing bacteria and oil.

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