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Galvanic Blackhead Treatment

Galvanic Blackhead Treatment Galvanic Blackhead Treatment Galvanic Blackhead Treatment


Galvanic currents are direct and steady electrical currents that are used in facials and professional skin treatments. Galvanic treatments were designed to rejuvenate the skin and remove impurities like blackheads. These facials work by applying a gel treatment to the skin and using the galvanic current to draw out impurities by deeply penetrating the skin.

Function I

Galvanic instruments produce low electrical currents called the cathode and the anode. According to, these negative and positive currents allow water-soluble treatments to penetrate deeply into the skin. The pretreatment gel and galvanic instrument are first negatively charged. The pretreatment gel is placed on the skin first with the galvanic instrument being applied second. The two negative charges attempt to repel each other, which causes the gel to enter the skin and bind itself to impurities such as the sebum that causes blackheads.

Function II

After the pretreatment gel has been successfully driven into the skin, the treatment gel and galvanic instrument are positively charged. The positively charged instrument and treatment gel repel each other, which drives the ingredients into the skin. The negatively charged blackheads are attracted to the instrument, which uses the pretreatment gel to bring them to the surface.


Galvanic procedures reduce skin oiliness and break down fatty plugs from deep within the skin to clear any congestion. The treatments also improve circulation in the blood to help overall skin health. Galvanic treatments can also be used to reduce the signs of aging. When the skin treatments are absorbed into the skin, the result is the reduction of sagging skin and fine lines while making the skin appear smoother. has referred to galvanic anti-aging treatments as the "nonsurgical face-lift." Treatments are usually performed once every month to keep the skin fresh-looking while keeping it free from impurities.


The galvanic current is named after Luigi Galvani, an Italian physician who spent his life studying electrical currents. In 1791, Galvani performed his first experiment in which he caused twitching in the legs of a lab frog. His findings led to scientists using the currents for a variety of uses such as controlling balance during flight simulations, measuring biofeedback and administering lie detector tests. Galvanic facials have been performed for over 50 years in Europe and have also become popular in the United States.


These treatments are considered to be noninvasive and have no known negative side effects. Use of the galvanic current has been in place for well over 200 years. It has been used in so many procedures and treatments that the safety of the treatments are well-documented. Knowing this, it is never a bad idea to perform research before engaging in any types of treatment. If you have circulatory disorders or diabetes, are pregnant or have metal plates or pins implanted in your body, your should contact your physician before undergoing any galvanic treatments.

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