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Fruits to Heal Acne

Fruits to Heal Acne Fruits to Heal Acne Fruits to Heal Acne

Acne affects more than 60 million teenagers and adults in the United States. Although the skin disorder is highly treatable, according to the Acne Resource Center, only 11 percent of sufferers seek medical advice. While traditional treatment can be costly and have potential side effects, adding fruits to your daily regimen offers an additional method to heal and eradicate acne.


Lemon juice not only makes a refreshing summer beverage, but when used topically also can refresh and clear your complexion. A natural antibacterial and exfoliating agent, a lemon juice wash delivers just the right amount of citric acid "strong enough to safely peel off the skin's upper layer," according to Ohio-based dermatologist Dr. Jerome Z. Litt in the book "Home Remedies What Works." To prepare a wash, freshly squeeze the juice of a lemon into a small bowl. Saturate a cotton ball in the juice, and then apply the juice directly onto your blemishes. Allow the liquid to dry for 15 minutes before rinsing with cool water.

Taken internally, water and lemon juice help zap zits by detoxifying the body, providing the potent healing and antioxidant powers of vitamin C as well as shoring up collagen. Squeeze the juice of one fresh lemon into a small pitcher of cold water. Drinking it throughout the day for two to three weeks will yield results.


Regular consumption of mangoes can help create a bright, clear complexion by attacking the condition at its source. "The enzymes of the mango, such as magneferin, catechol oxidase and lactase, clean the bowel of the 'filth' within and are an ideal antidote for all toxic effects inside the body. They also provide sufficient resistance to fight any germs and afflictions," according to One mango every other day is sufficient.


Apples not only are a tasty fruit, but they offer natural antioxidants that provide significant health benefits. Easy on the digestive system, apples contain acids that help detox the body, as well as vitamins that help promote fresh, clear skin. As an acne treatment, apples prove beneficial both by topical application and daily consumption.

Eating three organic apples a day, with the skins on, inhibits pimples and accelerates healing, according to Chris Gibson, author of "Acne Free in 3 Days," suggests Red Delicious or Golden apples, since they offer more pectins to absorb toxins. Additionally, a topical application of fresh apple juice on your outbreaks can refresh and regenerate skin cells. Equally as effective, try an apple and honey facial mask. Mix one grated apple with 4 tbsp. of honey. Smooth it all over your face. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

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