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Four Steps to Skin Care

Four Steps to Skin Care Four Steps to Skin Care

Proper skin care is necessary if you want to have healthy-looking skin. Neglecting and abusing your skin will only create skin problems, some of which may be difficult to resolve. Blemishes may leave scars, and aging skin can leave you with wrinkles and sagging skin, so it is important that you try to prevent these and other skin conditions from developing. In four easy steps, you can give your skin the care it needs to look its best.


Wash your skin every day to keep it clean and to discourage the development of blemishes. Use a cleansing product specifically designed to treat the needs of your skin type for maximum results. Cleanse your skin once in the morning and once before retiring at night. If your skin is dry, wash your skin only once a day, in the evening.


Moisturize your skin with a moisturizer that will benefit your specific skin type. Use a moisturizer that contains no oil if your skin is oily. Maximize the moisturizing benefits of the moisturizer you use by applying it to your skin before your skin dries. Apply the moisturizer of your choice two minutes after blotting your face dry with a paper towel, which will absorb most of the water yet still leave your skin moist. Gently pat a special moisturizing cream on the fragile skin around your eyes, being careful not to stretch the skin in this area.

Exfoliate and Nourish

Apply a mask to your face once or twice a week. Choose one that will nourish your skin and exfoliate it at the same time. Look for a mask that contains almond oil if your skin is dehydrated and you are not allergic to nuts. Apply the mask to your skin, avoiding the area around the eyes, and then rinse it off thoroughly according to the manufacturer's directions. Do not use an exfoliating mask if your skin is sensitive or if you have acne. Instead, choose a mask that is gentle to your skin. Look for a mask that contains calming aloe vera and/or oatmeal in it if your skin is easily irritated, and select a mask that contains clay if you have acne.

Get a Facial

Put your face in the hands of a trained aesthetician once or twice a month for a facial. Let her steam your face to open up your pores, and ask her to do extractions if your pores are clogged or if you have pimples with yellow/white heads or blackheads. Request a facial massage, which encourages blood circulation. Blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the skin, and it flushes away impurities. Proper massaging of the skin on the face will also tone the skin and help it appear younger. Sebum production will be encouraged through facial massage as well. When sebum, or oil, production is increased, pores open up, and debris inside the pores can be removed with little effort.

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