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Foods to Prevent Acne

Foods to Prevent Acne Foods to Prevent Acne Foods to Prevent Acne

Most dermatologists will tell you that food does not cause acne and that no studies have proven the correlation between the two. However, food may be able to limit acne breakouts. There are still not a lot of studies to prove the correlation between food and possible curative properties to treat acne specifically, but healthy foods that possess specific healing properties could be used to prevent acne.


Water is the most essential ingredient to maintaining healthy skin. Natural Acne Remedy compares your skin cells with a balloon. Fill the balloon with water and the balloon is firm to the touch and plump with some elasticity to bounce back into shape. Empty the balloon, and it is no longer firm and is unable to regain shape when pressed. Water flushes away toxins, enabling your skin to focus on healing rather than pushing toxins out. Toxin buildup can result in acne.

Fruits and Vegetables

Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables boosts the amount of antioxidants your body receives, enabling it to fight against free radicals. Orange, yellow and green fruits and vegetables are also high in vitamin A, which is commonly used in topical skin applications. Leafy green vegetables are also high in vitamin B-2, which is proven to reduce stress, and stress has been proven to aggravate acne. Mushrooms contain zinc, which has become synonymous with boosting the immune system.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids aren't just good for your heart. They also contain anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce redness and irritation of current blemishes and discourage the formation of new ones. The University of Maryland Medical Center notes that omega-3 fatty acids are not naturally produced by the body and must be obtained via food. Foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids are wild salmon, halibut, tuna, olive oil and freshly ground flaxseeds.

Foods to Avoid

Food Allergy Solutions reports that the number one cause of severe acne is food allergies. Acne may be the only symptom the allergy presents. If you consume foods that your body is allergic to, your body has a toxic reaction to the food. If you consume these foods regularly, those toxins build up and must escape your body somehow, typically through your skin. Food allergies can be quickly determined via an ELISA food allergy panel that measures your immune response to various forms of food.

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