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Foods That Worsen Acne

Foods That Worsen Acne Foods That Worsen Acne


Acne is a skin disease that occurs when hair follicles become clogged and inflamed by too much sebum, or oil, produced by the sebaceous glands, along with an accumulation of dead skin cells and excessive bacteria. The cause of acne is unknown, but it has been associated with many possible aggravating factors including stress, hormones, cosmetics, genetic predisposition, climate and diet. Instead of constant face washing, you can experiment with eliminating foods that have been linked to acne.

Foods High in Iodine

Foods that are high in iodine, including iodized salt, seafood and seaweed, onions, asparagus and wheat germ, can cause acne flare-ups. After you eat these foods, the iodine enters the bloodstream and your oil glands eventually excrete it. The iodine causes in an inflammatory response when it contacts the skin, resulting in or worsening a case of acne.


Dairy products, including milk, yogurt and cheese, have been linked to acne due to their hormone content. Dairy is filled with hormones, since it is a product that is intended to help baby calves grow. Nonorganic dairy products have an even higher hormone content because hormones are given to the cows to make them constantly produce milk. Dairy consumption can cause greater hormonal fluctuations than normal in humans, resulting in more acne.

Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates

Sugar, white bread, white pasta, white rice and many processed foods on the market cause blood sugar spikes. This causes hormonal surges and can result in acne. Additionally, sugar suppresses the immune system. When the immune system is compromised, it cannot effectively fight against bacterial infections, which can lead to skin inflammation. Eliminating sugar and switching to complex carbohydrates including whole wheat breads and pastas and brown rice can reduce your risk for acne.

Foods That Can Help

After you have eliminated the iodine, dairy, and refined sugary foods from your diet, you can boost your consumption of some other foods to prevent future breakouts. Foods high in vitamin A, including sweet potatoes, carrots, and kale have been linked to improved skin conditions. Also, foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as ground flaxseed and walnuts, can contribute to acne-free skin.

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