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Foods That Trigger Overeating

Foods That Trigger Overeating

Overeating increases your risk for obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. While certain foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein, promote appetite control, other foods may pose a contrary effect. A balanced diet, based upon healthy foods, regular exercise and developing healthy eating behaviors can improve your appetite and overall wellness. For best results, seek specified guidance from a qualified health care professional.

Enriched Flour

Enriched flour is a refined carbohydrate source. Unlike whole grains, refined carbohydrates are stripped of nutrients, protein and fiber during food processing. As a result, white flour is considered high-glycemic, meaning it may have a negative influence on your blood sugar levels. According to endocrinologist Dr. Maria Collazo-Clavell, a low-glycemic foods may delay hunger cues. High-glycemic foods, on the other hand, may do the opposite. Do prevent this occurrence, avoid foods based upon enriched flour, including enriched white and wheat bread, pasta and cereals, such as corn flakes, and commercially-prepared pizza crust, popovers, dinner rolls and bagels that list enriched flour within the top ingredients.

Added Sugars

Added sugars, such as corn syrup, cane sugar and honey, are ingredients that add sweet flavor, but few nutrients, to foods. Like enriched flour products, added sugars can negatively influence your blood sugar levels and interfere with satiation between meals, trigger food cravings and lead to weight gain. To keep your intake of added sugars low, avoid common sources, such as regular soft drinks, candy, milk chocolate, pancake syrup, jelly, frosting, sweetened coffee drinks and commercially-prepared cookies, muffins, brownies, pies, cakes and frozen desserts. Avoid cold cereals, whether made from whole grains or enriched flour, that list a form of sugar as a primary ingredient, as well.

Fast Food

Fast food is major contributor of refined carbohydrates, saturated fat and trans-fats -- fats made through a process in which hydrogen is added to vegetable -- in Americans' diets. According to a report published by the "International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity" in Jan. 2006, people who consume fast food regularly are more likely to consume excessive calories, unhealthy fats and added sugars than others. They also tend to consume fewer vegetables and whole grains, which, as fiber-rich foods, can improve appetite control and help prevent unhealthy weight gain. The study, which examined the dietary habits of 1,033 residents of Minnesota, also showed a link between proximity to fast food and fast food consumption. In other words, staying away from fast food restaurants reduces your risk for eating unhealthy food and eating too much of it. Trans-fats themselves may hinder your appetite control, according to Michele Simon, author of "Appetite for Profit." Dining frequently in fast food restaurants may also contribute to habitual overeating, since portion sizes are often excessive. Fast food items particularly damaging to your appetite may include french fries, onion rings, cheeseburgers, fried fish sandwiches and sweet desserts.

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