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Foods That Trigger a Silent Migraine

Foods That Trigger a Silent Migraine


A silent migraine is a migraine headache without the headache pain. It has many symptoms that are typical of a full-blown migraine headache including visual aura, speech and auditory problems; but because the pain in the head is absent, it is often mistaken for other ailments, like a stroke. A silent migraine can be triggered by a number of causes, with certain foods being one. Identifying and eliminating the offending foods may provide long-term relief from future attacks.

Legumes, Pickles and Fruits

Legumes are often one of the culprits causing silent migraines. Certain beans, such as fava, lima, pole, garbanzo, pinto, navy and Italian green beans, may trigger your migraine. Additionally, pickled and fermented foods may cause problems. Note the effects on your body after eating sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, raw garlic, onions and olives.

Fruits that are sometimes involved in setting off a silent migraine headache are figs, prunes, papayas, avocados and overripe bananas.

Alcohol and Caffeine Beverages

Alcohol in all forms, but especially red wine, is associated with migraine headaches. Test each type of alcohol by only consuming one kind at a time to see what kind of results you have after drinking it. You may find only one type triggers your migraines or all alcohol may have to be avoided.

Some people find caffeine triggers their silent migraines while others notice it relieves them. If you drink a lot of coffee or caffeinated soda, you may get headaches when you attempt to stop. Reduce your consumption slowly, over time, to avoid caffeine headaches. Observe whether your experience silent migraine symptoms or simple tension headaches from drinking caffeine.


Chocolate is a big trigger food for some people who suffer from silent migraines. Chocolate is loaded with various chemicals, some that soothe and others that aggravate. If chocolate is a trigger for your migraines, it is best to avoid all chocolate and then slowly test different types of chocolate to see if one is less stimulating then another.

Aged Cheese

Aged cheeses are often the most reactive trigger for any kind of migraine headache. The older the cheese, the more problematic it may be. Cheese contains tyramine, a chemical that has been associated with the development of migraines. The longer a cheese is aged, the more tyrosine is present. Tyrosine may also contribute to elevating your blood pressure. The list of cheeses to avoid is long and includes Gouda, Stilton, blue, brick, Brie, Camembert, Gruyere, romano, Parmesan, cheddar, provolone. Roquefort, muenster, feta and processed cheese slices, which contain MSG, a food additive known to cause a variety of symptoms.

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