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Foods That Help the Body Fight Acne

Acne is a common skin condition that can occur at any age, but affects mainly teenagers and young adults. In concert with an overall healthy lifestyle and adequate water intake, certain foods will stop blemishes and pimples from appearing. Abstaining from other foods is equally important to help prevent acne.

Foods to Choose

The adage, "you are what you eat" most directly applies to skin health. Read food labels to determine nutritional content of foods. Check for higher vitamin and mineral values and lower sugar, sodium and fat content. Choose foods that are high in nutrition and fiber, low in calories and contain antioxidant properties to cleanse from the inside out.

The following foods prevent skin redness and irritation, reduce the amount of oil the skin produces and banish breakouts: fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna; fruits and vegetables, especially cucumber, parsley and tomato; green tea (one or two cups daily); water (eight to ten 8 oz. glasses a day); whole grains, especially millet and quinoa.

Acne and Nutrition Research

Dr. Loren Cordain has conducted numerous studies demonstrating that diets high in refined foods are the main offender in acne. Individuals in these trials avoided sweets, highly-processed foods and refined carbohydrate foods made with white flour such as baked goods and bread. Instead, they ate a whole foods diet consisting of a plentiful variety of fruits, vegetables, protein and healthy fats.

The results: their acne improved and they also lost weight. Avoiding processed, low nutrient, and high calorie foods is equally important, according to Loren Cordain, Ph.D., author, nutrition and skin expert. Dr. Cordain's theory related how a diet rich in refined foods affects blood sugar and hormone levels. Researchers found that individuals who changed their diets to eat more nutritious foods also lost weight and noticed the most significant improvement in acne. Losing weight tends to affect these factors in much the same way that eating healthy does. Therefore, overall benefits yielded more than just an improvement in acne.

For Skin's Sake

Avoid unhealthy foods and drinks since they lack nutritional value and are likely to cause acne. Processed, low nutrient and high calorie foods are unhealthy for the skin, while fresh, whole foods help to maintain proper skin health. Preserve skin and maintain good overall health with a daily nutritious diet, exercise and ample water.

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