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Foods That Fight Acne

Foods That Fight Acne Foods That Fight Acne

Fighting acne is no easy task. Determining what causes your outbreaks and finding the best cleansers and creams that eliminate breakouts without over-drying your skin can be a real challenge. You can help encourage your acne to heal faster by eliminating some foods from your diet and making sure to adopt others into your regular menu.

Fish Oil

Fish oil can help heal acne and prevent it from forming since it contains a great deal of Vitamin A. Oily fish like salmon and sardines are also good sources of Vitamin A. You can simply take a fish oil supplement. Vitamin A helps your skin heal quickly and reduces the appearance of red blotchiness so common with acne.


Avocados are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which are known for maintaining cell membranes, reducing inflammation and reducing irritation. Small fish are also a good choice and should be included into your diet to amp up the acne-fighting effects.

Fruits and Vegetables

Getting fiber into your diet is also a primary component in fighting acne. Look for fiber in fresh fruits and vegetables. Fiber helps your body eliminate toxins. Likewise, produce is full of water, which further flushes waste from your body and from your pores. Add a serving of fruits and veggies to each meal to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs and your skin stays clear.

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