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Flaky Dry Skin on the Legs

Flaky Dry Skin on the Legs Flaky Dry Skin on the Legs Flaky Dry Skin on the Legs


In the winter when the air dries out, the skin on your legs also dries out. Harsh winds, brisk cold air and indoor heating can lead to this problem. While not serious, dry legs can result in unsightly flakiness and discomfort. Luckily, this problem can usually be treated at home.

Dry Skin

Skin is made up of layers of cells and multiple oil glands, which maintain moisture. Dry skin happens when the glands do not secrete oil to the top layers of the skin cells. When the skin on your legs becomes extremely dry, it begins to turn white and flake.


Skin becomes dry and flaky when there is a lack of moisture. Legs often are drier than other parts of the body because they are exposed to the outside elements. Dry weather strips the legs of moisture, while prolonged, scalding baths or showers can have the same effect.


Take fewer and cooler showers to relieve dry, flaky skin. Avoid harsh soaps and try natural soothing products, such as glycerin soaps. When your legs are dry, soap them up only when necessary and avoid sponges and washcloths, which may be irritating.


Apply moisturizer to your legs right after you exit the bath or shower. This allows the skin on the legs to retain the moisture from the shower. Smear a thick greasy moisturizer on your legs and massage it into your skin. A moisturizer with more oil than water is recommended for dry, flaky skin.

Consult a Doctor

If your dry skin is persistent, it could be a sign of infection and you may require medical treatment. According to the, if your dry, flaky skin becomes red, it is time to seek a doctor's opinion. In addition, if the dry area covers a large part of your body, consult a medical professional.

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