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Facials for Acne

Facials for Acne Facials for Acne Facials for Acne

Acne is a facial condition marked by pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. It can be problematic for sufferers and cause self-esteem issues and embarrassment. Treating acne is something some individuals must continually work on. Sometimes, using facials can be an effective treatment.

Acne Facial

Cedars-Sinai, a nonprofit hospital in Los Angeles, California, performs a specialized acne facial for its patients called the acne skin facial. According to the facility, this facial helps rid the skin of excess oil and washes away bacteria and irritants that clog pores and cause breakouts. Cedars-Sinai reports that the facial can be provided in approximately 60 minutes and includes deep-pore cleansing, gentle extraction and calming masks. According to Cedars-Sinai, the facial is perfectly safe for those who are taking Accutane or Retin-A or those that suffer from rosacea and dry or sensitive skin.

Milk, Lemon, Yogurt and Honey Facial

According to Organic Facts, a solid facial remedy for acne is using milk, lemon, yogurt and honey. This mask offers a way to cleanse the skin, and honey is a natural antibacterial agent that helps remove bacteria that can cause acne breakouts.

To prepare this facial, Organic Facts recommends using 2 tbsp. fresh milk, 2 tbsp. honey, fresh juice of a lemon, 1 tbsp. fresh yogurt and lukewarm water. Combine the ingredients to get a lotion-type mixture, then apply liberally to your entire face. You should wait until it dries and then apply another layer and continue this method until you have used the entire facial mask. According to Organic Facts, once you have finished applying the mask, wait 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

Cinnamon and Honey Facial

Cinnamon and honey make an adequate facial remedy for acne sufferers who have a problem with infections. Cinnamon is a natural anti-microbial agent and helps to deter and eliminate infections. Honey is also a useful anti-bacterial agent and helps to kill bacteria and cleanse the skin.

According to Organic Facts, this remedy can be made by mixing 3 to 4 tbsps. of cinnamon powder and enough honey to make a loose paste for the entire face. Organic Facts recommends applying the paste to the whole face at bedtime and leaving it on for the entire night. The next morning, you should rinse the mask off with warm water.

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