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Facial Treatments for Acne Sores on African Americans

Facial Treatments for Acne Sores on African Americans Facial Treatments for Acne Sores on African Americans

African-American skin requires special care due to its natural dryness. Many over-the-counter acne treatments aren't suitable for African-American skin because of the risk of drying out the skin, which can worsen the acne. To make matters worse, several treatments are designed to hide acne with tinted creams designed for pale skin or skin lighteners to reduce redness. However, not treating the acne sores at all can lead to scarring. African-American acne is best treated with the help of a dermatologist who can provide a treatment plan based on your skin type.


Gentle cleansing is necessary for African-Americans with acne sores. Use an antibacterial soap to wash the area no more than twice per day. Cleansing acne-prone skin more than twice per day may irritate the area and make the acne worse, states the Mayo Clinic.

Skin Care Products

Noncomedogenic products are a must for acne sores on African-American skin. The products are specifically designed to not clog pores, reducing the occurrence of blackhead pimples. Wearing noncomedogenic sunscreen may help control acne in African-Americans because the sun may make the sores worse and may increase the risk of scarring, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. African-Americans should avoid over-the-counter acne medications such as those containing benzoyle peroxide or salicylic acid due to the excessive drying they cause.

Skin Lightening Products

African-American skin is particularly prone to dark scarring, so skin lightening products can help treat the dark patches left by acne sores. If you have never used these products, speak to your dermatologist before choosing a skin lightening product. Some products can cause dermatological complications such as rosacea and dermatitis, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.


Pomade acne is common in African-Americans. It is caused when the oils from hair pomade irritate the skin around your hairline and cause acne lesions. The most effective treatment for this type of acne is to stop using pomade near the affected area.


Retinoids are especially effective on African-American acne sores because these medications don't dry skin like topical products. Your doctor may also prescribe antibiotics or cosmetic treatments to cure the acne and minimize your risk of scarring.

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