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Face Products for Dry, Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin

Face Products for Dry, Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin Face Products for Dry, Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin

Although acne most commonly affects people with excessively oily skin types, acne breakouts can also occur on dry, sensitive skin. Treating blemishes on sensitive or dry skin can be difficult, because many acne products contain strong chemicals that can cause irritation and side effects like peeling, itching or burning. Luckily, a few products can treat acne on dry, sensitive skin without causing irritation.

Sensitive Skin Soap

Dry, sensitive skin can become irritated more easily than normal skin when cleansed with a regular facial soap, as regular soaps usually contain artificial fragrances and dyes. A soap designed for sensitive skin types will be free of harsh chemical additives. Users moisten the skin with water, work the soap into a lather with their hands, apply the lather to wet skin, gently rub for 15 seconds and then rinse (twice a day).

Tea Tree Oil

Dry, sensitive skin that is prone to acne breakouts can be too sensitive for benzoyl peroxide cream, which is one of the leading acne treatment products. The Department of Dermatology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital suggests tea tree oil is just as effective as benzoyl peroxide cream but does not irritate the skin. Tea tree oil is extracted in a pure form and should be diluted in water before application. Users dip a cotton swab or ball into tea tree oil, then dip it into water and dab onto the affected spot. Tea tree oil can be applied up to three times a day.

Oil-Free Moisturizer

Dry, sensitive skin that is also affected by acne can become overly dried out if it is cleansed and treated with tea tree oil but not properly moisturized. Many people don't use moisturizer because they worry it will clog their pores or irritate their skin. This can be true for regular moisturizers that contain comedogenic (acne-aggravating) oils and artificial perfumes. Moisturizers that are oil free and designed for sensitive skin will moisturize your the without irritating it. A dime-sized amount should be applied twice per day to keep the skin properly hydrated.

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