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Face Moisturizer for Sensitive and Dry Skin

Face Moisturizer for Sensitive and Dry Skin Face Moisturizer for Sensitive and Dry Skin Face Moisturizer for Sensitive and Dry Skin


Even if you don't have sensitive skin or dry skin now, you may when your facial skin becomes more delicate as you age. Face moisturizer works with your skin's natural properties and adds some of its own magic to restore and maintain optimum humidity levels in your body. Using a daily moisturizer helps keep your complexion healthy as long as possible and stave off bouts of red, itchy, flaky or irritated skin caused by allergens or dry environments. Learn more about what to expect from moisturizing products.


The skin provides a barrier that keeps environmental forces out and life-giving moisture inside your body. The layering of skin tissue and secretion of oil by the sebaceous glands act as a seal. But the protective abilities of the most exposed surface areas of your skin may not be enough to prevent drying from evaporation. Hand and facial care are especially necessary in those with sensitive skin, and moisturizer formulated for your skin type will contain the right hydrating element.


Facial care moisturizer comes in different weights and formulas for day and night use. Moisturizer is usually water-based, with other stabilizing and nourishing elements. Daytime lotion is lighter in weight to complement makeup and sunscreen products. For those with sensitive skin who want to apply fewer products, a daytime moisturizer with built-in sunblock is a good choice. Night cream may have a richer oil content or added nutrients, such as Vitamin A and E, that aid in dry skin rejuvenation.


Moisturizer may contain a combination of hydrating humectants and emollients, lipid-based protectants and exfoliants. Glycerin and lanolin hydrate; petrolatum, mineral and plant oils form protective barriers; and exfoliants help dry skin to shed its dead surface cells.


The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) encourages the use of face moisturizer immediately after cleansing, to trap water droplets left on the skin. The product itself improves skin's moisture content at the surface and discourages evaporation. This maintains flexibility in the lower skin layers. According to scientific studies promoted by the AAD, dry skin will both look and feel smoother as a result of ongoing facial care treatments with moisturizer.


When skin is more flexible, it creases less. Fewer wrinkles leave your skin clearer and healthier. Using moisturizer, especially those with soothing botanical ingredients, such as aloe vera and chamomile, calms sensitive skin that is irritated by contact with allergens, wind or sun. Your healthy good looks are your greatest reward.

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