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Extremely Dry Skin on the Face

Extremely Dry Skin on the Face Extremely Dry Skin on the Face


Extremely dry skin on the face can be painful and embarrassing. Those who have the condition may be anxious to find out what helps very dry skin and all the options available to make the skin smooth again. There are ways to treat this condition as well as prevent it from happening in the first place or reoccurring.


Although it is possible for anyone to have very dry facial skin, certain people are more susceptible. Women are more likely than men to suffer, as their skin tends to be a bit softer. Extremely dry skin is also more common as people age, as well as in those who work outdoors and are frequently exposed to the elements.


There are many factors that can cause extremely dry facial skin. For some, it is caused by being out in the sun while unprotected for an extended time, or in windy conditions for long periods. The cold winter air is enough to cause dry skin in some people. Harsh facial cleansers are also common culprits. It is also possible for poor diet and dehydration to play a role in dry skin on the face.


There are many options for treating extremely dry facial skin. According to the experts at Natural Home Remedies, switching to gentle facial cleaners, and gently massaging the face with almond oil or olive oil before bed is helpful. Using a cool mist humidifier while sleeping can help dry skin caused by the artificial heat that warms the house during winter. There are also moisturizing facial masks available in drug stores, supermarkets and beauty supply stores. Switch to a facial moisturizer that includes sunblock to avoid dry skin caused by sun exposure.

Lifestyle Changes

For a long-term solution, lifestyle changes are beneficial. Health experts at Learning Info recommend drinking plenty of water to assist hydration of all areas of the body, including the facial skin. Using less make-up can help, as many cosmetics are drying to the skin. It's also a good idea to exercise, as this improves circulation. Better circulation means more nutrients circulating in the body, which is also beneficial to the skin.


If dry facial skin persists or gets worse, considering seeing a doctor. It's possible that eczema can be mistaken for dry skin in some people, especially early on. Eczema is not the same as dry skin, it is actually an allergic reaction to one or more things in the environment, and can be made worse by stress. Eczema may progress to look like scaly patches on the skin, or it may cause fluid filled bubbles. When in doubt, check with a doctor to be sure.

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