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Extraction of Blackheads From Pores

Extraction of Blackheads From Pores Extraction of Blackheads From Pores


Blackheads are small darkened spots on the skin that may have a rough texture. Also called open comedones, these spots are generally found on the face but can occur anywhere on the body. They are the result of pores on the skin that are clogged by sebum, your skin's natural oils, and toxins expelled through the skin, says the Ultimate Cosmetics site. These combine and harden in the pore. The amount exposed outside the pore then oxidizes, causing black coloration, says the site. Though blackheads are natural and recurring, extraction tools, both natural and commercial, may help rid your skin of blackhead problems.

Blackhead Extracting Tools

There are multiple tools for blackhead extraction on the market. You can use aligned, pointed tweezers to squeeze individual blackheads to extract them from pores. Metal loop extractors can also remove blackheads. These have a metal loop on both ends, which are pushed over the blackhead to remove it, says the site. Double spoon extractors remove the blackhead via a spoon on each end. These spoons range in size and are used just like loops to remove the blackhead, says the site. Be gentle, though, as these tools can cause damage to the skin. You can also try strips, which are applied on top of the affected pore and surrounding area for 10 minutes. The glue on the strip helps grab the blackhead from the pore, says the site. However, those with sensitive skin may experience more visible facial veins from the force used to remove the strip.

Home Remedy for Removing Blackheads

There are several home remedies you can use to remove blackheads. For instance, fenugreek has been touted as a blackhead remover. To use, combine crushed fenugreek leaves and water to create a paste. Apply this to the face every night for 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water to ensure blackhead-free skin. Coriander leaves are also known for this ability. Combine 1 tsp. of the juice of coriander leaves to a 1/2 tsp. of turmeric powder and apply on the face at night. Rinse in the morning. To prepare blackheads for extraction via tools or herb washes, try steaming. Steaming the face before extraction helps soften the skin and the pore-blocking material, says the Ultimate Cosmetics site. To steam, heat a pot of water over the stove just enough to create water vapor. Put your face at a close but safe distance from the vapor for five minutes.

Using Extraction Methods

Only extract the blackhead when it has protruded from underneath the skin. This signifies that it is ready to come out. Doing so before the blackhead is ready can put you at risk of infection, as the toxins and oil can actually seep down into the skin instead of coming out.


Using your fingers or using an extraction tool improperly may cause permanent skin damage. This can occur if you keep attempting extraction at a stubborn pore, or if you push the tools, such as tweezers, too deeply or harshly your skin. This is because your skin is sensitive tissue. Thus, it is best to use your fingers and extracting tools, such as metal loop extractors and double spoon extractors, gently.

Natural Remedy Warning

Certain herbs may cause reactions to the skin, such as irritation, redness and rash. Therefore, it's best to test the herb mixture on a small, covert patch of skin and wait for possible reactions before applying to areas of the face. If you experience any irritation with the herbs, or with the tools used to extract blackheads, contact a physician.

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