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Exercising Tips for Acne Sufferers

Exercising Tips for Acne Sufferers

Acne sufferers are suggested to exercise regularly as this eliminates the symptoms that contribute towards acne. Moderate exercise is very useful for maintaining an active body and reducing the emotional stress. Here are some useful tips you would want to know.

Tip 1:People who have an acne problem should avoid exercising in wet attire whether its due to sweat or anything else for that matter. Exercise should be performed in dry clothes and as soon as the sweating begins they should wipe it off from the body with the help of a clean and soft towel or take a shower immediately. Do not press or rub affected areas while wiping or showering as this causes burning, inflammation and irritation. If showering is not possible for anyone then he should immediately wear dry clothes.

Tip 2: Take bath or shower immediately after exercise with the help of a medicated cleanser, soap or pad in order to avoid acne. Use clean water for showering and do no apply soap or cleanser with rough hands as it can further worsen the acne condition. Also avoid harder Scrubbing as this irritates the existing cuts and scratches and sometimes results into more acne development. If you can't shower right away, you can still control breakouts with the help of medicated pads.

Tip 3: People suffering through acne should avoid clothes made up of lycra and nylon as these fabrics increases the production of bacteria that contributes towards acne. They should also wear baggy and light clothes through which air can easily pass and which causes less friction especially during exercise. Wear clothes made up of natural fabrics as this introduces lesser bacteria. As soon as you are done with exercise get off your wet clothes and change immediately.

Tip 4: Wear little make-up while exercising and avoid oil-free and "noncomedogenic" cosmetics because they may clog the pores of the skin. After performing the exercise, one should wash off the face as soon as possible especially if you have a habit of taking steam or going to sauna at the end of your exercise because at these places your pores will open up and get clogged with different lotions and cosmetics giving rise to blemishes.

Tip 5: Wear sunscreen whenever you go out during the day in order to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. Sunscreens are only useful for short periods of time because if left for a prolonged period they will start clogging the pores and damage the skin. Dermatologists suggest using sunscreens that are oil-free and have a protection period of SPF 15 against ultra violet rays. As soon as you are done with exercise wash the sunscreen off from the face.

Tip 6: Follow a well balanced diet along with a healthy exercise program to remove acne from the surface of the skin. Healthy food is a key to healthy skin which remains fresh and rejuvenated if properly taken care of.

Tip 7: Sports equipments also play an important role in worsening the acne condition. If you wear a helmet that keeps on sliding against your face or you have a track suit that is tight from various places on your body then there are high chances that you will experience acne break outs. This can be prevented by Lining your helmet with a layer of soft natural fabric. Also make sure your exercise equipments are clean and dry before using them.

Continue enjoying healthy life and keep your body fit and your skin clean with the help of a well-planned and comprehensive exercise program. Make exercise an essential part of your daily routine because healthy body gives birth to a healthy skin. It would be completely unfair to say that exercise always cures acne and never promotes it. The main problem is the sweating but if you are careful about things that accompany you during your daily exercise routine then I am sure you would be successful in removing acne triggers from your face and body and achieve breakout-free workouts.

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