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Exercises That Help Acne

Exercises That Help Acne Exercises That Help Acne Exercises That Help Acne

Acne is still one of the most common ailments among teenagers, and has increased in the adult population. Some believe this has to do with diet and sedentary lifestyle. One way to deal with acne is to set up a consistent exercise regimen that gets the blood pumping and cleanses organs and tissues throughout the body. Several exercises in particular--yoga, walking and the mini-trampoline--are known for their beneficial effects on acne.


Yoga, which stretches and strengthens the body, is an exercise that can help with acne. Because yoga increases blood flow throughout the body and is known as a general detoxifier, it often improves skin through regular practice. According to Holistic Online, a daily routine of five poses in particular--the standing sun, knee squeeze, seated sun, happy baby and cobra--are helpful for healing acne.

Walking or Running

Simple exercises such as walking or running can also be very beneficial for the skin. Not only do they stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, but, as Discovery Health notes, they help to diminish stress. Stress increases oil production and also affects hormone levels, which both walking and running can help to balance. Discovery Health also states that sweating helps to clear out pores.


The mini-trampoline, otherwise known as a rebounder, not only provides a great exercise routine, but it also can be helpful in eliminating acne. Fitness expert Sarah Brown notes that mini-trampolines benefit the lymphatic system, which transports nutrients through the body and removes toxins from tissues. These internal toxins are often linked to the external acne that shows up on the skin.

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