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Exercise and Acne

Exercise and Acne Exercise and Acne Exercise and Acne

Many things has been discussed on relationship of acne to other things, exercise is one of them. Some people think that there is no relationship between exercise and acne, some think that there is positive relationship between them and vice versa.

As we can see that exercise make your skin sweaty and greasy, which gives us an idea that exercise may aggravate your acne. But it is not true. There are many researches being conducted to find the exact relationship between them.

As you avoid exercise to keep your skin away from acne, it means you keep yourself away from healthy living. Exercise is most important thing for healthy life style. When you exercise, your kidneys and liver work more effectively in removing toxins from the body. Stress is also reduced from exercise and both of these are known causes of acne. Exercise balances hormones and reduces stress both are precursors of acne. So we cannot say that exercise may aggravate acne.

Things to do while exercising:

  • Tie your hair tightly to ensure that your hair does not touch your face and neck while you are exercising; this will at least give you a head start in cutting down the chances of developing acne through exercise.
  • If you are working out in a public place such as a gym, do ensure that the equipment you are using is clean.
  • Wear loose clothes during exercise, as tight cloths may aggravate your acne. If you are prone to body acne, avoid garments made exclusively with lycra or nylon, because they can trap the heat and moisture against your skin, creating a fertile breeding ground for the bacteria that contribute to acne.
  • Take shower as soon as possible because exercise make your skin sweaty which gives rise the possibility to aggravate acne. Dry your skin carefully after showering and avoid rubbing vigorously.
  • Keep your sports wear clean which you used during exercise.
  • Use oil free products to treat your acne. If you have chosen to use a sunscreen, make sure it does not have an oil base. That will be one sure way of setting the stage for acne to develop once you have finished your workout, as there will be plenty of grease and perspiration on your skin by then.
  • After exercise drink plenty of water, Water is essential for ridding the body of toxins and to replace all the water lost from sweating. Acne has been shown to occur in people who aren't drinking enough water.
  • When exercising, wear as little make-up as possible.

Some Healthy exercise of Acne sufferers:

  • Swimming is excellent due to being in water which helps to fully cleanse the pores. It is important to rinse yourself after swimming to clean off the chlorine on your body which can leave your skin really dry.
  • Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and team sports are all suitable. If you can, try to exercise outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • One of the best exercises for acne is using a mini-trampoline. Jumping on a mini-tramp is beneficial for your lymphatic system. Your lymph is controlled by movement and operates best when exercising. The lymph provides the cells with the nutrients it needs and is also responsible for removing and eliminating cell waste and toxins. If the lymph is insufficiently activated, the cells swim in their own waste which can block pores and when bacteria starts to grow in blocked pores it causes acne.
  • You don't have to get hot and sweaty - you can try exercise like yoga and t'ai chi which also calm the mind.
  • If we follow all the above rules during exercise then there is no need to worry about acne.
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