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Effects of the Pro Activ Solution

Effects of the Pro Activ Solution Effects of the Pro Activ Solution

Developed by two dermatologists, the Proactiv Acne Treatment Solution includes a cleanser, an alcohol-free revitalizing toner and a repairing oil-free lotion. Proactiv ingredients are common in other acne treatment products, and the added benefit here is the convenience of having them combined in one system. If used consistently and as directed, according to the official website, Proactiv is effective for treating mild acne and preventing new outbreaks.

Eliminating Bacteria, Dirt and Oil

Benzoyl peroxide, a common acne treatment ingredient, is included in two of the Proactiv products: Renew cleanser, or step one, and the oil-free lotion, called Repair. The lotion is the third step of the system and is gentler on skin than the cleanser. Benzoyl peroxide penetrates blocked pores, providing oxygen that eliminates acne-causing anaerobic bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide also removes dirt and excess oil.

Exfoliating Effects

The second step of the Proactiv system, Revitalize, is an alcohol-free toner containing glycolic acid. A type of alpha hydroxy acid, this exfoliating substance is a common ingredient in facial washes and cleansers. It removes dead cells from the skin surface to help keep pores unclogged. Benzoyl peroxide, included in Renew and Repair, has exfoliating properties as well.

Healing and Soothing Effects

Revitalize contains the astringent ingredient witch hazel to tighten pores. notes that witch hazel also may have hemostatic properties, meaning it helps stop bleeding, so it may be useful for promoting skin healing. Additional ingredients in Revitalize include botanical substances to help soothe skin, such as aloe and fruit and flower extracts. Benzoyl peroxide, the main active ingredient of the other two Proactiv Acne Treatment Solution products, has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Side Effects

Benzoyl peroxide may cause some minor side effects, as noted by the Mayo Clinic. Users may experience skin dryness, peeling, mild stinging and redness, but the lotion can relieve these effects.

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