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Dry Skin Relief: Hand Creams

Dry Skin Relief: Hand Creams Dry Skin Relief: Hand Creams Dry Skin Relief: Hand Creams

Your hands are one of the most visible areas of your body, but environmental and lifestyle factors can age your hands' skin and make it look wrinkled, dry and cracked. Smooth on a skin-boosting hand cream for quick relief of dry skin, whether it's caused by too frequent washing or exposure to cold, dry winds.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Firming Body Souffle

Elizabeth Arden's hand and body lotion is "intriguing," writes beauty expert Paula Begoun. Its major moisturizing ingredients are shea butter and glycerin, and it includes antioxidants and other hydrating and nourishing chemicals that Begoun finds "wonderful."

ONE Hand & Body Lotion

InStyle magazine's editors named ONE's hand lotion one of its spring 2010 beauty must-haves. The editors loved its emollients and humectants, including essential oils and shea butter, which it says helps to feed dehydrated skin. The magazine also liked its recyclable packaging.

Sally Hansen Fast-Absorbing Hand & Cuticle Crème

After reviewing numerous drugstore and department store hand lotions, Real Simple magazine named Sally Hansen's hand and cuticle treatment as one of its favorite hand lotions. The magazine notes that the slick cream, boosted with natural extracts like grapeseed oil, absorbs quickly into your hands so you don't feel greasy.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Age Shield Hand Cream with Helioplex

InStyle magazine ranks Neutrogena's Age Shield hand cream as one of the best hand creams on the market. Dermatologist Robin Ashinoff, writing for the magazine, noted that its glycerin base can quickly repair and hydrate even super dry, cracked hands. With a high sun protection factor, the lotion also shields your hands from the sun's damaging rays so your skin stays looking soft and youthful.

Dove Cream Oil Intensive Hand Cream

With an extra-high glycerin content, Doves intensive cream is ideal for very dehydrated hands, according to Real Simple magazine's beauty editors. It provides "maximum moisture" and penetrates deeply for long-lasting alleviation of flaky, cracked skin.

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