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Dry Skin on Underarms

Dry Skin on Underarms Dry Skin on Underarms


Dryness can develop anywhere on the skin. Typically, the most exposed stretches of skin are most likely to suffer from the elements and develop dryness and other problems. But locations like the armpits, which can be subject to the use of deodorant and periodic shaving or other treatments, can sometimes become dry as well.

Dry Skin Cause

Dry skin usually occurs when the skin becomes dehydrated. If there is flaking on the skin, this can sometimes be confused as dry skin when it is actually dead skin cells that are sloughing off in large flakes. Dry skin is often a temporary problem but one that can worsen over time if the skin is not properly treated.

Other Symptoms

Dry skin can be accompanied by several different symptoms. Redness of the skin can occur, and this skin may be tender to the touch. You may also experience itchiness at the location, particularly if the dry skin is peeling off, and small bumps may also develop. In severe cases, you may notice the skin becoming leathery in texture -- this is a sign that the drying of the skin is worsening.

Other Possible Causes

Heat rash sometimes causes the skin to become irritated, and this may cause dryness. Changes in the weather, including the temperature and humidity, can also affect the skin, although it is more likely you will experience dry skin in other locations on the body as well. Other types of rash may develop, and in some cases an infection, whether bacterial or fungal, may be the root cause.


You might want to wear shirts with sleeves or wear multiple layers to protect your underarm from the outdoor air, if you believe that to be a cause. You might also consider moisturizing the skin to curb dryness, flaking and itching. Med Help recommends using a 1 percent hydrocortisone cream to treat the skin.


You may want to try using a different type of deodorant to see if the condition changes. If you have recently changed the type of deodorant you use, this is another variable that could be linked to dryness in your underarm. You should consult a doctor do have the condition looked at and determine what the possible cause of the dryness may be. Your doctor may also be able to prescribe a prescription medication to treat the dryness.

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