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Dry Skin Around My Eyelids

Dry Skin Around My Eyelids


There are a variety of reasons why the skin around your eyelids can be dry. The eyelid and the skin around it are delicate and when it gets dry the area can become red, irritated, swollen or itchy. Your condition may be mild to severe, requiring a simple solution or medicinal treatment.


The dry skin around your eyelids can flake and turn itchy. There may be some discoloration or swelling. Your eyelids could become sore and present with scales. If you are prone to dry skin, other areas of your face may also be flaking and itchy. Normal hydrated skin has plump cells, but when the skin becomes dry, those cells turn into shriveled ones. The skin may feel rough and raw, and fine lines may appear.

Medical Causes

Eczema is a type of dermatitis that causes severe dry patches that can be itchy, red and inflamed. It can occur anywhere on the body. Seborrheic dermatitis is a red, scaly, itchy rash that can commonly be found on the face, around the eyes. It is typically because of oily skin but because of the flaking skin, it causes the skin to dry out. Facial psoriasis often occurs around the eyes, most often in the eyebrows but it can affect the eyelids. Scaly skin may cover your lashes and the skin around your eyelids can become itchy, red and dry. Blepharitis is an inflammation that affects the eyelids. It is caused by malfunctioning oil glands near your eyelashes. It can cause watery, red, itchy and flaky eyelids.

Cosmetic Causes

Contact eyelid dermatitis can occur from eye makeup. If you experience this, you may be having an allergic reaction or it may be time to change out your eyeliner, eye shadow or the tools used for either. Bacteria in makeup and on brushes can accumulate and be transferred to your eyes, irritating and drying out the skin. Facial cleansers or shampoos that are too harsh can irritate your skin and dry out your eyelids.


Eczema is typically treated with over-the-counter lotions and moisturizers. Topical steroids as well as oral steroids are also used for treating eczema. Topical anesthetics, antibiotics, anti-histamines, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory medicines found in creams, gels, ointments and lotions also work. Psoriasis of the eye can be treated with topical antibiotics and in some cases a steroid medication made specifically for the eye area. Blepharitis is treated with antibiotics or steroid ointments. Home treatments can include a warm washcloth or artificial tears. There are creams and lotions made specifically for the eye area to keep it moisturized, usually with the added benefit of getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles.


If the skin around your eyes is dry and irritated, contact your doctor for a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan. Your eyes are important and the skin is very delicate and should be treated to prevent further complications.

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