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Dry Skin and Honey

Dry Skin and Honey Dry Skin and Honey Dry Skin and Honey


When skin becomes dry, it can feel painful and irritated. Although commercial moisturizers and creams can help relieve dry skin, they often contain chemical ingredients that you may not want slathered all over your skin. One solution is to use natural substances to help your dry skin problem, such as honey.


According to the Alabama Cooperative Extensive System, honey is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are all beneficial to the skin. The most beneficial nutrients for the skin in honey include vitamin C, vitamin B5 and antioxidant compounds. Honey also contains compounds that kill bacteria and microbes on the skin.

Skin Benefits

The nutritional properties of honey can help dry skin become more soft and radiant, and can be used to treat chronic dry skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis. The vitamin C in honey helps to repair damage caused by ultraviolet sunlight that leads to dry, weathered skin. The vitamin B5 in honey helps to regulate oil production in the skin, allowing dry skin to become more hydrated. The antimicrobial properties of honey help to kill off microbes and bacteria that contribute to eczema and psoriasis breakouts.


When you eat honey that is bottled locally, it contains minute particulates from the local flora. Because of this, eating local honey can be helpful in treating allergy-related skin problems, such as dry, red skin. Local honey can be purchased at farmers markets, natural food stores or from local beekeepers.


Avoid giving raw or unprocessed honey to children under the age of 2 years. Raw honey can sometimes carry small amounts of botulism toxin that, while benign to older children and adults, can cause life-threatening health problems in young children and babies.

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