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Does Steaming Your Face Open Pores?

Does Steaming Your Face Open Pores? Does Steaming Your Face Open Pores?


Using steam to clean and revitalize your face is a free, effective skin-care tool. Steam gently heats the delicate skin on your face to the point where it begins to sweat. Once the sweating begins, toxins and other impurities are flushed from the skin's open pores. Steam is useful for opening the pores on your face, and can be incorporated as part of your beauty routine.


People use steam rooms, in which air temperature ranges from about 110 to 116 degrees, for a variety of health reasons. The normal temperature of your body is about 98.6 degrees F, according to the Day Spa Association. Because the temperature in the steam room is significantly warmer than your body, your temperature begins to increase. As your temperature increases, your blood vessels dilate as a way to get more blood flow closer to the surface, where it can cool. The steam in the room gradually but gently opens the pores of your skin. Soon your body begins to sweat, and water, electrolytes and other substances flow out through your open pores.


Steam gently loosens the dirt in your face's clogged pores, provides increased blood flow and nutrients to the skin, and begin to push sweat from the pores. All of this will soften your skin. It cleanses the impurities, traces of makeup, dust, sebaceous secretions and dead skin cells. High temperatures and moisture open the pores, helping clear skin of toxins and helping cosmetic products that contain nourishing nutrients reach every skin cell.


Heat a pan of water until you get a rolling boil, then remove it from the stove. Stand directly over the steam and drape a small towel over your head. The towel helps keep the steam from escaping, making it more effective at opening the pores. Your face should be far enough from the hot water that you do not feel pain or extreme discomfort. About 10 to 15 minutes of steaming is sufficient, and this is about how long it takes for the steam to dissipate. You can steam your face one to four times per month without harming your skin, according to the Spa Sentiments website.


Using two to four tablespoons of facial steam herb products can be beneficial. Chamomile, frankincense, comfrey, rose and other select herbs provide a beautiful medley of skin soothers, which help to revive, relax and refresh the skin. This mixture of herbs is good for normal, dry and even sensitive skin types.


Using steam for too long or providing too much direct heat to the face is not good for the skin. If you are not cautious and you get too close to the hot steam, you could scald your skin, which can leave a scar. If you overheat your skin, the increased blood flow could lead to broken capillaries. Although steam is great for most people, it is not necessarily for everyone. According to Planet Green, facial steams can aggravate pre-existing skin conditions, so talk to your doctor before using steam on your face if you suffer from extremely severe acne or broken capillaries. Hold off on using steam if you have a severe sunburn.

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