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Different Kinds of Skin Care Doctors

Different Kinds of Skin Care Doctors Different Kinds of Skin Care Doctors

Many people think only of dermatologists when they consider skin doctors. There are actually several types of doctors that specialize in different areas of skin care, diagnosis and treatment. If you are searching for the right skin doctor for you, it may be best to first consult a general dermatologist or practitioner.


Dermatology is the study, diagnosis and treatment of skin, nail and hair conditions. Most people visit a dermatologist if they have general skin concerns from acne to wrinkles and moles. Most other types of skin doctors begin as dermatologists and then go on to specialize in more specific areas.


A phlebologist is a vein doctor. Phlebologists study, detect and treat vein abnormalities and illnesses. Accredited phlebologists have the skills and training to use new technologies to treat spider veins, chronic leg ulcerations, venomous malformations, superficial thrombophlebitis and deep vein thrombosis.


Venerology is the practice of studying, diagnosing and treating sexually transmitted diseases. A venerologist is associated with skin care doctors because venereal or sexually transmitted diseases often appear as skin abnormalities. Venerologists must often examine the skin to help diagnose a sexually transmitted disease.

Dermatologic Surgery

A dermatologic surgeon, or dermasurgeon, is a doctor who is certified to perform surgery to repair or improve skin, according to the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Common procedures include biopsy, cryotherapy, cosmetic surgery and excision.

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