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Dermatitis Dermatitis Dermatitis

Itchiness and a sudden eruption of red patches all over the skin may be an indication of allergy to any food or it may be a reaction to cosmetics.Skin inflammation is a common disorder characterized by redness, itching, swelling and pain.
There are several types of skin inflammations such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis (scaly red patches), herpes (simplex) and certain occupational disorders.

Dermatitis is the term used to signify inflammatory conditions of the skin. Dermatitis generally develops due to contact with some particular substances to which an individual may be sensitive like cosmetics, hair oil, hair dyes, bleaches, skin tonics, creams, lipsticks, perfumes etc.

There are many different substances causing dermatitis but in this chapter I shall deal with disorders usually caused by cosmetics. If the inflammation continues for a long time, it may lead to thickening of the skin. To keep your skin smooth and healthy it is essential to fight these disorders promptly.

Normal skin is able to resist most of these harmful substances. People seem to suffer more frequently from dermatitis. The skin on any part of the body may be affected but certain parts of the body such as the genitals and exposed areas are most affected areas. Other easily affected parts of the body include the eyelids, forearms, face and neck.

In the case of dermatitis, no treatment is effective until the offensive agent is removed. If the skin is inflamed, applying moist warm compresses of potassium permanganate solution is a good idea. To make the solution, dissolve one tablet of potassium permanganate in a quart of warm water. Moisten a compress and wring it out thoroughly, then apply to the irritated area. Repeat this two to three times a day.


This is a chronic type of inflammation accompanied with itching. It spreads very quickly over large areas of the body when the skin is dry and too sensitive. People who are nervous, tense and restless are more troubled with Neuro-dermatitis. The generally affected areas on the body are the bends of the elbows and knees. Constant scratching leaves deep scratch marks and causes thickening of the skin. Applying rose water ointment on the affected portion of the skin is an excellent remedy. Dispensing chemists prescribe other ointments which may be used after consulting a doctor.

Another possible remedy is:
Aluminum acetate solution 10 cc

  • Wool fat 20 gm
  • Zinc oxide paste 30 gm
Caution: Do not use before the consultation with your doctors


This chronic skin inflammation is most frequently seen on the scalp. It starts on the skin usually behind the ear and immediately covers the whole scalp. From there it may spread to the eyebrows, the folds of the nose, front of the chest and between the folds of breasts. In this case, sometimes the reddish scaling patches may appear under the breasts and in the body creases especially around the groin.

After consulting a skin specialist, you may apply the following lotion or ointment. Mix the following ingredients:

  • Salicylic acid 1 tbsp
  • Precipitated sulfur 1 tbsp
  • Hydrophilic ointment 1 tbsp
Apply this ointment once in a day for one week or as prescribed by the physician.

A Salsum preparation is very useful in this condition. You can procure this preparation from a dispensing chemist. Wet the scalp then pour a small quantity of salsum into the palm of one hand. Dip the fingers of the other hand into the solution and apply to the scalp and hair roots. Leave the solution on the scalp for few minutes and wash hairs thoroughly with a shampoo. Repeat this treatment twice a week or as advised by your doctor.


For decades cosmetic manufacturers have done considerable research in order to discover and produce products whose PH is optimum for the skin and the hairs. The symbol PH is used in everyday language to represent the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a substance. When a solution is neither alkaline nor acidic, it is called neutral. For example, the PH of pure water, a neutral substance is 7. If the PH of a solution is less than 7, it is acidic: if the PH is greater than 7, it is alkaline. The PH of healthy normal skin is between 5.2 and 6, that is, it is slightly acidic. Thus the acidic PH of the skin is due to the presence of acid in the sebum, sweat and keratin. It is necessary to maintain the acidity of the skin. This is the reason that curd and lemon juices do wonders for your skin.

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