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Cures for Skin Problems

Cures for Skin Problems Cures for Skin Problems Cures for Skin Problems

Genetics play a vital role in determining who will experience problem skin. Treating skin problems, however, can be accomplished at home and for very little money, with a minor time commitment. Keeping skin clean, applying broad-spectrum sun protection and moisturizing daily go a long way toward keeping skin healthy. When problems do arise, they can often be treated using products found around the house.

Manuka Honey Acne Mask

Manuka honey is a mono-floral honey from New Zealand that offers a two-part benefit for acne sufferers. First, like other honeys, hydrogen peroxide is produced when manuka honey is mixed with either water or with infection exudes, or pus. The hydrogen peroxide helps to clear up skin problems, including pimples and blackheads. Additionally, manuka honey offers UMF, or unique manuka factor, which delivers antibacterial properties to breakouts, according to an article published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research journal in 2008.

To treat a blackhead, soak a cotton ball in warm salt water and hold it to the site for several minutes. This will soften the blackhead plug. Using the sides of your fourth fingers, gently press inward against the sides of the plug. Once the plug is removed, dab a small amount of manuka honey on the site, and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

For a full acne facial mask, apply a thin layer of manuka honey to your face and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry.

Aspirin Scrub

As people age, skin cell turnover slows down considerably. Cell turnover that once took about 28 days, can increase up to 60 days. This means that dead, dry skin cells remain bonded to living tissue for longer periods, giving skin a haggard, dull appearance. For an improved appearance, skin needs to be exfoliated. An added benefit of an aspirin scrub is that it helps to loosen blackhead plugs.

To make the aspirin scrub, dissolve 3 to 4 regular strength, uncoated aspirin in about 1 tsp. warm water. Using your fingertips, gently massage the scrub over your face, avoiding the delicate eye area. Rinse and pat dry. Please note that people with aspirin sensitivity or allergies should not use this scrub.

Clay Oily Skin Mask

With the onset of puberty comes an increase in the production of sebum, and while this natural skin oil provides protection and helps to keep moisture from evaporating from skin, too much of the oil increases the likelihood that breakouts will occur. A natural clay mask can draw excess sebum away from skin, unplug blackheads and remove dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and smooth.

To make a clay mask, you will need to purchase sterilized clay powder. A variety of clay powders are available for beauty care, including kaolin, a fine white clay from China, French green clay, and bentonite, from the midwestern U.S. and Canada. Fuller's earth and rhassoul mud also make absorbent masks. Please note that clay from your backyard may contain pesticides and fertilizers that can be absorbed through skin and cause harm.

To make the mask, simply mix 2 tbsp. of clay or mud powder with 1 to 2 tbsp. of distilled water to form a paste. Use a fan brush or fingertips to spread the mask over the skin. After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse well and pat dry. Apply moisturizer.

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