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Cream Treatments for the Face

Cream Treatments for the Face Cream Treatments for the Face

Face creams can do more than just moisturize your skin. Some of the best cream treatments, as chosen by beauty insiders and experts, also include potent active ingredients that can help combat skin damage in your face that can lead to wrinkles. Regular use ensures proper skin hydration and may prevent premature signs of aging.

Olay Complete Ageless Skin Renewing UV Lotion SPF 20

Olay's anti-aging cream is one of the company's top moisturizers, earning a "Paula's Pick" award from cosmetics expert Paula Begoun because it performed beyond expectations. She says it's "excellent." It goes on with a silky texture and leaves your skin hydrated and protected from the sun's damaging rays. Begoun liked its niacinamide and antioxidants, which can help prevent signs of aging like fine lines.

Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough

Philosophy's face cream comes in individual capsules to ensure product stability and maintain potency. It was voted as a top finalist in the Cosmetic Executive Women's beauty awards in 2010--the CEW's awards are one of the industry's biggest award events--due to its effective combination of peptides and amino acids. Reviewers liked the improving effect it had on wrinkles and dry skin, noting that it helps to both strengthen and nourish your cells.

Patricia Wexler Advanced No-Injection Wrinkle Smoother

Patricia Wexler's wrinkle-smoothing treatment is an "exceptionally well-formulated" moisturizer, writes Begoun. Despite its name, its effects aren't at all similar to injectable wrinkle treatments, but it can improve the appearance of fine lines with potent moisturizers and peptides. Begoun specifically liked its combination of "water-binding agents," which ensure proper skin hydration, and "cell-communicating ingredients," which boost skin health.

M LAB Anti-Aging Treatment Cream

M LAB's cream won a coveted nomination by the CEW in 2010, thanks to an efficacious mix of antioxidants, emollients and peptides that help defend against the wrinkling effects of damaging free radicals. Reviewers noted that it can improve your skin's elasticity and firmness and soften the severity of fine lines. It also includes various herbal extracts that work as skin conditioners, such as ginseng and garlic.

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